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Kim Leader, Hypnotherapist of Possibilities Unlimited Hypnotherapy in Brighton, Hove & Lewes

Damian Fearns, BSc (Hons), HG Dip-P, PG Dip, MDAC, ICCP-1
Solution-focussed Psychotherapist and Integral Coach

Damian practices HG brief solution focused therapy and Integral coaching.

The HG or ‘Human Givens’ model of therapy is an integrated model drawing on the best ideas and practices from many other schools, making sense of the similarities and adding some essential elements

1) Knowledge as to how to be emotionally healthy; by getting innate emotional needs met from the social environment and using our natural abilities wisely, (The Human Givens is a collective term for our natural abilities/resources and innate emotional needs.) The HG approach sees all psychological problems as being based in the emotional needs not being met in balance and the misuse or damage of our innate abilities/resources. The focus is on facilitating emotional health and clear thinking.

2) Understanding of the function and importance of sleep and dreaming to mental health and the use of trance, metaphor, guided imagery and storytelling as a therapeutic aid.

3) A bio-psycho-social understanding of Addictions, Anxiety, OCD, Eating disorders, PTSD, Depression, Psychosis, Autism & Asperger’s.

Because HG therapy is working from the givens of human nature it tends to be fairly brief with most of the issues that people present seeing some movement or complete change within 7 sessions, even longstanding issues.

Damian trained in HG therapy in 2007, he also has a degree in psychology and trained in Person-centred counselling, Motivational Drug and Alcohol Counselling, and Integral coaching.

Integral coaching is based on integral developmental theory and as the name suggests it is about getting to know, developing and integrating the many ‘parts’ of us, so that we may become more whole and achieve our potential. Integral Coaching will facilitate your own progress and development, be that personally, professionally, artistically, or spiritually. It will help to identify ‘ways of being’ that are not serving you and help you evolve into ‘new ways of being’ with positive impact on your life situation, the work that you do, relationships etc.

Damian spent 17 years working in health and social care in the NHS, private and voluntary sector. He currently has a small business providing psychotherapy, coaching and various training courses across the South of England. He works for several other training companies internationally and is a guest lecturer on behaviour change at Brighton University.

Damian draws on a rich blend of knowledge, experience and skills when working one-one, he may challenge your thinking, he may impart some knowledge that helps, but the human element of being connected, really listening and being empathetic is always present. If you wish to book in or want to know more then please contact Damian on 07886 009057 or email damian@realchange.biz

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