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Kim Leader, Hypnotherapist of Possibilities Unlimited Hypnotherapy in Brighton, Hove & Lewes

Damian Fearns, BSc (Hons), HG Dip, MDAC,
Human Givens Psychotherapist

Damian has a background in Psychology and has been helping people to achieve the changes they would like to make, for all of his working life.

The majority of this time has been spent working within drug agencies, but for the last 10 years, Damian has been working in the NHS. He is well placed to support those struggling with addiction, and is an established, experienced stop smoking specialist.

Damian has held a private Psychotherapy practice in Brighton since 2007, helping people to connect with their emotional health, achieve their goals and ultimately, to fulfil their potential.

Damian's training includes Person Centred Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Human Givens Solution-Focused Psychotherapy. These are all forms of inter-personal therapy with an emphasis on talking things through in order to better understand the factors of a given situation. Together Damian will consistently work with you to gain clarity of thought, identifying emotional needs, accessing personal resources and most importantly, working towards solutions.

In addition he uses Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Visualisation and Story Telling as therapeutic tools.

With a deep understanding of the way the mind works, Damian blends learning from modern neuro-science with ancient wisdom traditions to create a truly holistic approach to psychotherapy.

His open, warm and friendly way of being really helps people to quickly feel at ease and cared for. He combines insightful humour with a cheeky, playful approach to help his clients achieve goals in a light-hearted, expansive and fun way. Yet he also holds solid boundaries and is able to provide challenge in a way that enables the people he meets to break free from old patterns.

You call him on 07886 009057 for enquiries or to book a session. Alternatively you may email him for more information damianfearns@yahoo.co.uk

About The Human Givens

At its core is simple, yet effective idea. Every creature on the planet has a set of needs, and humans are no exception. If those needs are sufficiently met, mentally illness will not exist!

The Human Givens approach helps to identify the particular needs that are not being fulfilled. In addition, it provides a framework to call upon our instinctive knowledge, natural strengths and inner resources to meet those physical and emotional needs. Nature has gifted us our very own internal 'guidance programme', the Human Givens provide you with an opportunity to listen, connect and follow that guidance.

It is holistic in the sense that it explores the whole being and provides a framework to help understand the way that individuals and society work. This framework is built on the latest scientific understandings from neurobiology and psychology, as well as incorporating ancient knowledge and original new perspectives.

Qualifications Include:

  • Human Givens Psychotherapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Client Centred Therapy
  • MSc in Psychology

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