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With Alcohol being one of the most socially acceptable drugs it is not surprising that having a problem with alcohol is something that can go unnoticed or creep up on people.

Perhaps it's part of your social circle, or that you drink alone. Maybe you have found that it's become a little too regular, or that you tend to binge from time to time with undesirable consequences. You might find that you've been drinking to deal with certain emotiomns or situations.

Whatever the pattern of your use you may find that talking to someone about the various facets of your use can be helpful to start to gain awareness, and begin making changes.

Gaining a better understanding of your associations towards drinking can help you to identify the how you would like to change them. I also aim to support you in meeting the your underlying emotional needs. Often when this happens the need to drink begins to reduce.

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You might find my Drink Diaries on the CBT Worksheets page useful.

Go to my Hypnosis Downloads where you can purchase downloads to help you reduce, stop or control your alcohol use.

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