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There are different forms of Anxiety. Please have a look at the short descriptions below and see which one appears to fit best for your symptoms.

Worry & Generalised Anxiety
Frequent feeling of being nervous, anxious or on edge, with excessive worry, "what if" thoughts and catastrophing worst case scenarios. Also common to worry about not worrying.

Social Anxiety
Fear of social situations due to concern about how you will be perceived and what others will think of you, which is characterised by the feeling of embarrassment.

Panic Attacks
Intensely strong physical symptoms such as pain in the stomach, heart pounding coupled with dread or terror which can be triggered in certain situations or just appear to come 'out of the blue'.
Often a sense of dying, choking or fear of feinting with a need to escape the situation.

A specific activity, or thing that causes heightened sense of panic and anxiety such as insects, confined spaces, being sick, driving or flying.

Health Anxiety
Strong physical symptoms causing anxiety about health usually despite medical reassurance. May be difficult to accept that anxiety as a cause of the symptoms. Often people will also seek reassurance from others, and may spend lots of time in self diagnosis.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
A need to compulsively check or repeat a behaviour usually to avoid the consequence of feeling anxious, or to prevent 'bad' things from happening. Heightened sense of responsibility for things and difficulties tolerating uncertainty.

A deep sense of lack of control in a specific experience or set of experiences that leads to very heightened anxiety leaving a traumatic imprint. Similar sounds and situations can be a trigger, and people may find 'flashbacks' (reliving the experience).

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