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If you've not been being assertive you may experience feeling anxious, unheard and unappreciated and frequently let down. Also you might find that your being taken for granted or that people tend to take advantage of you.

A common factor of low assertiveness is the circular thought spiral "I should have said this, I wish I did that". Playing on loop scenarios over and over can be draining, but unless we start paying heed to what these thoughts are trying to tell us then it can also be common to start experiencing anxiety about certain people, places and situations, or just feeling anxious in general.

If this has been happening, the thoughts are trying to tell you it's time to change. When you become more assertive, these thoughts will start to go away.

Low assertiveness is strongly linked with self esteem, it impacts upon how you feel about yourself and make it more likely to be bullied or manipulated. Yet, if you start becoming more assertive, it can be a quick way to start to feel better and more more empowered in yourself, as well as being more in control of your life.

Assertiveness, in essence, is expressing your rights, opinions, beliefs, emotions and desires in a calm yet self-assured manner. Learning how to express yourself calmly, confidently and assertively will allow you to:

  • build better relationships
  • gain more respect from those who are important to you
  • get more of what you want when you want it
  • take on more responsibility if you want it, offload some if you don’t
  • resolve conflicts
  • feel better about yourself
  • empower you to achieve your goals

I have been fortunate to witness many people gain much more than they ever expected they might from being more assertive and I feel passionate about working with it.

I have created a formulation (which is a kind of psychological map) outlining the process behind non-assertiveness. You might find it useful to look at and identify key areas affecting you by visiting the following page.

Assertiveness Formulation

If you'd like to talk more with me about it, or if you have any queries, call on 07949 989986 or email

Go to my Resources page which has a variety of Assertivess Self Help workbooks that will help you to be more assertive in your life. The CCI range are very good indeed and you might be surprised at what you can achieve.

Feel free to check out my Hypnosis Downloads where you can purchase downloads to help you be more assertive.

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