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Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

As an addiction specialist I have been helping people with Cocaine issues for over 16 years.

Helping people stop, or reduce, cocaine use is one of the things I most frequently support people with in my private practice.

Partially, this is because I receive recommendations from others who have found my services useful, and partially because Cocaine use is rife in this area. The availability of a substance is well known to make it more challenging to stop.

I commonly see people in various stages of use, which includes those who:

- have a friendship group who use regularly and find it difficult to say no
- used to use Cocaine with friends but now often do so alone
- have reduced their use over the years, but are struggling to stop
- use daily, or at times when it is not appropriate such as before or during work / in care of children
- stopped enjoying Cocaine use some time ago but still find they are doing it
- still enjoy using but find the comedowns horrendous and having profound impacts on work, family, other life goals
- find that Cocaine use is increasingly causing significant rise in anxiety and paranoia, but still doing it
- go out with good intentions but chase Cocaine after a few drinks
- have partners who are affected by their use and thus the relationship is at risk

If you have been suffering from any these affects, or others, maybe it is time to do something about it.

Where cocaine use is not instantiated in daily life I often help people stop in a few sessions, and have helped people potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds

Give me a call on 07949 989986 for a free Hypnotherapy Consultation to see how I can help you.

You will find a Substance Use Diary on my CBT Worksheets which can help observe patterns of thoughts, behaviours and triggers, as well as coping strategies for the future. If you are curious to find out how a Hypnosis Download can help you stop or reduce your Cocaine use, you will find them on my Hypnosis Downloads page.

Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

Cocaine is often used with Alcohol and the affects of this mix seem to complement one another. 

The reason why they can seem good companions is because Cocaine and Alcohol react within the body to produce a new drug called Cocaethylene. This produces a much higher Euphoria but it is also much more toxic to the body.

Often times by changing the associations and use of one drug can dramatically change the way in which one associates to the other and hence stopping or reducing is much more simple.

I support people to consider the dual impact of Cocaine and Alcohol, and making changes with both.

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