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Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

Cocaine is a powerful drug that increases a sense of energy, confidence and empowerment. Cocaine addiction often forms as part of a social structure, whether that is business or pleasure.

What Cocaine may initially promise can turn towards irritation and intolerance towards others. After prolongued use some people find their personality changes to be more aggressive in manner, and and perhaps coming across arrogantly.

Yet for others it's simply the need to use cocaine when going our, or the lack of trust that we might be able to refuse when with friends who may also use.

The symptoms include Nose Bleeds, Paranoia, Headaches, Irritability, Insomnia, Impotence, Spending loads of cash and having financial worries, Having a sense of need for Cocaine.

If you have been suffering from any these affects maybe it's time to do something about it.

As an Addiction Specialist Hypnotherapist I have been helping people manage or stop their cocaine use for years

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You will find a Substance Use Diary on my CBT Worksheets which can help observe patterns of thoughts, behaviours and triggers, as well as coping strategies for the future. If you are curious to find out how a Hypnosis Download can help you stop or reduce your Cocaine use, you will find them on my Hypnosis Downloads page.

Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

Cocaine is often used with Alcohol and the affects of this mix seem to complement one another. 

The reason why they can seem good companions is because Cocaine and Alcohol react within the body to produce a new drug called Cocaethylene. This produces a much higher Euphoria but it is also much more toxic to the body.

Often times by changing the associations towards one drug can dramatically change the way in which one associates to the other and hence stopping or reducing is much more simple.

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