Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove, Haywards Heath and Lewes

Free Consultation

The free consultation is an opportunity to share the problems you have been experiencing. I will do my best to understand the issue and feedback a proposed treatment plan to help you overcome it.

If you feel that I have a good understanding, and that the treatment plan feels as though it will be effective then you may want to proceed to booking an appointment.

However there is absolutely no obligation to do so; you are welcome to go away and have a think about it. Also, you might want to consider speaking with a few Hypnotherapists and decide which one you feel most comfortable with.

A positive relationship with your therapist is vital for treatment to be effective. Feeling able to speak freely, without judgement and with both compassion and understanding is what you should be looking for in the therapist you choose.

Different Ways to have a consultation


Sometimes I’m available to speak straight away but at other times we will have to arrange a mutually convenient appointment. This is a structured appointment lasting around 30 minutes.

Firstly I will listen, understand and assess the main issue. Following that I will outline a treatment plan and answer any questions you might have about Hypnotherapy or the process in general.


You are more than welcome to drop me a detailed email outlining your concerns.

I will happily spend a good amount of time reading through it and respond to you in full with my understanding of the problems and a treatment plan. I will also answer any questions you might have about the process


Fill out the Self-Assessment form to gain a clearer understanding of the main problem for yourself. If you send me this form with your contact details I will provide a detailed response.


The free 30 minute consultation can be conducted via Skype if you wish, by prearranged appointment only. Just drop me en email or text me to make a booking.

**Therapy can means taking risks. If you feel uncomfortable on the phone then calling might actually be a good idea. If you find talking to me easier than you thought over the phone; then it’s a good indication that you probably will face to face.

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