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Health Anxiety (Without diagnosed Health Condition)

Health Anxiety (With diagnosed Health Condition)

Health Anxiety (Without diagnosed Health Condition)

People will often experience very debilitating and worrying physical symptoms, consequently seeking reassurance from medical practitioners, loved ones and perhaps self diagnosing on Google for example.

Reassurance may only seem to work for a short time before the worries start to reappear, or perhaps the prognosis of medical staff are not believed. You may find yourself feeling that you've not been taken seriously. Again, this can be a very worrying factor.

It is important to have physical concerns checked out by someone qualified to do so, but if your concerns have repeatedly been given the all clear, then it may be time to at least consider that health anxiety may be a factor.

Most people think of anxiety as an emotional issue, and therefore do not relate to it in a physical sense. I tend to think of anxiety more as a physical issue because of the profound way in which it affects physiological symptoms including; nausea and sickness; heart palpitations; feeling of choking/ shortness of breath; sense of unreality; dry mouth and numbness/ tingling just to mention a few.

Things that may trigger such symptoms may be avoided such as TV programmes, information about feared diangnosis like leaflets of cancer for example, exercise or other things that appear to make the feelings worse.

Of course these symptoms are real, and certainly not 'all in ther head'. Therefore, they need to be taken seriously. You will need to identify whether this is health anxiety or in fact a real physical illness. Seeing someone like me may be able to help you discern this so that you can know for sure yourself, and be able to move forwards. Call me now on 07949 989986 for a free 30 minute consultation.

Health Anxiety (With diagnosed Health Condition)

If you have a formal diagnosis of a physical health condition this can cause significant distress and be a cause of understandable anxiety.

Coming to terms with a diagnosis can be difficult as we have to adjust to a different future than the one we'd hoped for, that it may affect how we feel about ourself or how others relate to us affecting our sense of identity.

Additionally, the physical symptoms of anxiety can be very strong, which may be hard to discern from the physical diagnosis.

While you may be doing everything you can medically, it might be good to seek help and support mentally and emotionally. Having someone that understands the nature of anxiety, and ways to be able to manage it, can at least help overcome part of the problem.

If you have been suffering from a physical condition, why not give me a call on 07949 989986 for a free consultation and see whether I can help.

Please refer to my Resources page, where you will find self help guides on Health Anxiety.

Check out my Hypnosis Downloads page for Health Anxiety related downloads that you can purchase to help you, help yourself.

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