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Maybe you've been chasing for a while and have decided that you'd like to nip it in the bud, or perhaps you've been injecting for a while and your getting those signals that it's time to stop.

In it's pure form, Heroin isn't as damaging to the health and body as people commonly think. However street Heroin is a different matter. Often cut with by products the hit can vary widely in strength and cause serious damage to the veins.

You are probably already aware of risks such as absesses, overdose and death as well as the stigma attached to using Heroin.

The beliefs that surround Heroin haved a strong affect on the user and some find they are more inclined to use becuase they are frowned upon within society.

Other beliefs which include the idea that Heroin is difficult to stop also compound the problem. Of course, I'm not saying that experiencing withdrawal is easy by any stretch of the imagination, just that it's made harder by these beliefs.

Using Hypnotherapy, one can utilise future rehearsal to help ease this process, increase motivation to stop and help with the suffering of the symptoms produced by withdrawal.

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