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Insomnia is the condition whereby one feels unable to sleep over a period of time and can be the result of anxiety, excitement, depression or simply routine.

It is normal for us to have trouble sleeping on occasions, but when this happens frequently it can become very destructive on our health, mood and life in general.

Oftentimes in this kind of situation we ‘try’ very hard to sleep only to find that frustration follows. One cannot ‘try’ to sleep anymore than one has to ‘try’ to breathe. It is something that we allow to happen unconsciously, quite naturally.

Through hypnotherapy, you can have deep, restful sleep by relearning that natural process, utilizing relaxation techniques, adjusting your routine to enhance your sleeping potential and addressing any underlying causes.

The process of Hypnosis itself is, for most people, a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience that commonly aids the sleeping process, even if this is not the main issue being resolved.

Feel free to call me on 07949 989986 for your complimentary 30 minute Hypnotherapy consultation to see just how I can support you back into that deep, restful sleep.

Please refer to my Resources page, where you will find self help guides on Sleep & Sleep Hygeine.

Go to my Hypnosis Downloads page for an abundance of Sleep related downloads that you can purchase.

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