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Many common fears about interviews include facing fear of rejection, having a mental block, not expressing themselves clearly, being judged or being the centre of attention.

Some have had bad experiences in the past, others may feel they are not worthy of the role they are interviewing for, or just simply have a negative future rehearsal of the situation.

If you have a fear about something in the future, the likelihood is that you're running a movie about how it's going to be. The internal dialogue and script of the movie might go something like this:
"Oh no I've got that interview coming up next week. I'll get a dry mouth, start sweating, clam up and stumble with my words. They'll think I'm stupid and I that haven't got what it takes for the job. I'll be embarrased and blush, then feel panicked and everyone will know"

It is clear that a negative perception, or prediction about the future is likely to impact upon performance.

Working with someone can help you to identify your skills and stengths, practice questions in a safe supportive environment and find solid answers. We would explore general skills and techniques that make a charismatic presenter. Together I aim to help you tap into the essence that motivates you to take the interview and to create a more balanced and realistic perception of the event.

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Please refer to my Resources page, where you will find a series of interview questions to help you prepare.

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