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New Psychoactive Substances / Legal Highs
Spice, Mephedrone, Synthacaine, Methoxetamine (MXE), Benzo Fury, Ivory Wave

As you probably know, most legal highs are now illegal.

However, this doesn't necessarily stop people buying them, whether it's online or possibly still at the local head shop

One can find a substance of choice online delivered to the door, in bulk.

The fact that you can choose the particular high that suits, and in potentially large quantities can make it difficult to manage after a period of time. Ease of availability is a common factor that can cause people to run into problems with substances.

If you've been finding that you're experiencing difficulties with a new, possibly obscure substance that particularly took your fancy, and you're struggling to stop, then maybe it is time to get some support.

While I have researched many, as there are increasingly new psychoactive substances coming out on the market, I cannot keep up with them all. If I was not previously aware of it, I will be happy to research it and find out more. A comprehensive list of designer drugs can be found here.

I specialise in helping people overcome addictions. Feel free to Call me on 07949 989986 for your free Hypnotherapy Consultation.

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