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Brighton Hypnotherapists

Melanie Menendez, Massage Therapist, Reflexology, Reiki Brighton

Melanie Menendez is a holistic therapist, passionate about helping people to enhance their quality of life through the use of natural therapies. You may also contact to find out more about hiring beautiful therapy rooms located in the heart of Brighton.

Melanie Menendez, Massage Therapist, Reflexology, Reiki Brighton

Heart Tantra, Jewls Wingfield
Jewls is the goddess of the Tantra world, with an astoundingly direct, insightful and compassionate way of being.
Despite her great skills, knowledge and wisdom she conveys a certain equality and understanding that immediately puts you at ease. This unfolds a safe space for fun, challenge and exploration which enhance your relationship both with yourself and your partner.
Whatever you get out of your time spent with Jewls is of far greater value than any money you could pay.
When you think Tantra, think Jewls Wingfield

Rachael Emily Professional Photographer

Rachael Emily Photography 07940 487519

Rachael's friendly, open way of being quickly makes you feel comfortable in her presence. This enabling her to capture an essence of the moment, and of you.
She uses environments well to inspire an evocative atmosphere, and utilises the light and shadow to create photographic art.
Rachael has an impressive portfolio and if you are looking for a photographer, I think you'll be happy you found her.

Brighton Hypnotherapists

Damian Fearns
Singer, songwriter and Human Givens Therapist, Damian Fearns is creative, playful and insightful. With a solid background in Psychology, years of experience working within the NHS and a stop smoking specialist, Damian is a great choice if your looking for a therapist. He hasn't quite got to grips with this interweb thingy yet so you can call him on 07886 009057 or email damianfearns@yahoo.co.uk.

Pete Bull
Pete is not a Hypnotherapist, but he is a trained Existential Psychotherapist, Mental Health Nurse and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. If that is not enough training for you, he's now considering his doctorate.
I'm thankful that I'm friends with him as Pete is the kind of therapist I would go to see myself. Fortunately I get to be in his company for free and my time spent with him has been very healing through some difficult times personally. Pete is incredibly insightful, caring, thought provoking, intelligent, witty and down to earth. He does not try to hide his experience of mental health issues himself and if you look at his website you'll see that it also says he describes himself as a 'patient'.
Pete specialises in longer term therapeutic work as he likes to build a sustaining relationship. I can't recommend him enough

Mary Condell
Mary was a supervisor when I trained on the Uncommon Knowledge Hypnotherapy course. She has an ethical yet direct, no nonsense approach which I very much like. She works from a Human Givens perspective, using solution focused Hypnotherapy in addition to a blend of other influences.
Mary was a primary choice as a supervisor in my private practice. She is insightful, has a sound knowledge base and shows compassionate understanding.

Andy Austin
Subversive and contraversial, Andy offers NLP and Hypnotherapy as well as his own brand of therapeautic approach, Integral Eye Movement Technique. Trainer & Author, Andy is simply inspired and passionately delivers to a world wide audience. You'll find him in the Chichester area.

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