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Motivation can be described as the factors that channel our behaviour to act towards achieving certain goals. Therefore motivation is the result of something that happens on a much deeper level, it is not simply a case of whether we are a motivated person or not.

Our belief system is one of the key factors that determine how motivated we are. For example if we believe we will fail at the task then that is not necessarily going to produce a high amount of motivation to achieve the task. We need to align our beliefs with those that will produce motivation.

Mostly we are motivated towards achieving our goals or motivated away from the consequences that inaction might cause i.e. some people do their homework because they gain satisfaction from completing it while others do it because they fear the consequences of not doing it.

Having a strong sense of what will happen if we do not undertake a certain action, as well as a clear bold image of what will happen once it is achieved is a great way to increase your motivation.

You may have felt held back by fear, blocks or procrastination.

Maybe you would just like extra motivation to make that certain thing happen. Utilizing the principles that motivate us, you can use Hypnotherapy on a deep unconscious level to help you tap into that motivation and enthusiasm to achieve your goals and desires.

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