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Hypnosis can provide the ability to alter psychological components of the experience of pain which can help to reduce even severe pain.

Pain management is one of the most researched areas for Hypnosis and it proves to have good results with both acute pain, and chronic pain.

Some of the research has found that hypno-analgesia can affect significant reductions in: ratings of pain, need for analgesics or sedation, nausea and vomiting, and length of stay in hospitals. Hypnosis has also been associated with better overall outcome after medical treatment with a better overall sense of the treatment and recovery process.

Hypnosis can heklp you to alleviate the sensory components of a pain experience, and this may be all that is required for acute pain.

With chronic pain conditions however, you might find that more help is needed to support behaviours which increase well-being and functional activity such as exercise and good diet, and challenging faulty thinking patterns like "I cannot do anything about my pain".

Hypnosis is shown to be effective in chronic pain conditions such as headache, backache, fibromyalgia, carcinoma-related pain, temporal mandibular disorder pain, and mixed chronic pain.

If you've been experiencing ongoing pain you'll know for yourself the devastating affects it can have on irritability, low mood, hope for the future and your ability to carry out tasks.

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