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Panic attacks can be triggered by particular situations and events, but sometimes seem to just come 'out of the blue' and happen for no apparent reason. They cause intense physical sensations with the following common symptoms:

* Choking, a lump in the throat & dry mouth
* Feeling paralyzed with fear
* Heart palpitations
* Tightness/ pounding chest or chest pain
* Breathlessness
* Sweats & trembling
* Dizziness An unreal dream like sense of reality
* Loss of appetite
* Nausea, sickness & upset stomach
* Cold or hot flushes & blushing
* Seemingly irrational responses to everyday things or events.
* Avoidance of certain events or activities
* Night terrors
* Lowered Self Esteem
* Depression
* Anxiety

If you’ve been suffering from panic attacks, you will have experienced the intense physical sensations, commonly coupled with a fear of dying, choking or heart attack. Many people consult their GP due to the intense feelings and sensations of a panic attack but nothing appears to be physically wrong.

Other times Panic Attacks may come when feeling trapped and vulnerable, or due to a fear and potential embarrassment regarding needing, and finding, the toilet. Fear of feinting or humiliation can be common, as is the thought that you are 'going mad' or 'out of control'.

Panic attacks are simply the result of the body’s defence mechanism being overly sensitive to the given situation. It is located in a part of the brain concerned with our survival, one of the earliest parts of the brain. This part reacts quicker than our rational capabilities. In evolutionary terms this is an excellent survival mechanism. If we need to run away from a lion, we do not want to be sitting around contemplating our next course of action; we want to react automatically and instantaneously.

This also explains why it can be difficult to ‘think’ your way out of a panic attack. Yet one panic attack can seem to cause another one. A future situation may not be particularly scary within itself, but the thought of a panic attack at that moment is.

These thoughts may cause some people to be hyper-vigilant to the symptoms, which in turn exacerbates the thoughts and symptoms creating that which was feared. Therefore it is important to learn distress tolerance, and to transform the meanings given to the symptoms. It can also be useful to explore other areas of life which may be a factor, such as beliefs you may hold about yourself, assertiveness with certain people or how much control you feel you have.

In addition, the environment is also important. Things like Anxiety and Depression are on the increase which is an indicator that something is not quite right with the way we are living. Looking at getting your needs met, having value, meaning and purpose in what you do. These help you to feel good about yourself, display & recognise your individual talents, living a a life in which you feel inspired.

If you've been suffering Panic Attacks, you'll know just how intensely distressing and uncomfortable they are, but you can overcome them.

I have been helping people overcoem panic attacks for years. It is probably the single most common issue I see people for and I have delivered training to NHS staff in working with Panic.

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Please refer to my Resources page, where you will find self help guides on Panic.

Also, you will find some Panic Diaries on my CBT Worksheets page with an explanation on how to use them. These can help observe patterns of thoughts, behaviours and triggers, as well as coping strategies for the future.

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