Privacy Notice

It is important you know how I use and store information about you and so I’ve compiled these notes to help inform you.
Contact Details
I keep a record of your name, address and contact details. This is recorded initially on a paper file. The information is then stored to a Password Encrypted USB stick and the paper file is destroyed by first shredding, then burning.
When uploading the information to the USB stick, the Ethernet cable is always disconnected from the computer terminal, which significantly reduces possibility for hacking.
The Password Encrypted USB Stick is kept in a locked container away from the computer. This means that a burglar would have to do a thorough search to actually find the box, have the means to open it and be a specialist in decryption, or employ a specialist in decryption to access your contact details!
Case Notes
Case notes, with sensitive information do not have identifying information on and are not stored in the same place as contact details. Therefore your contact details cannot be cross-referenced with your case details. Brief notes are taken in paper form from client sessions to help with our work together, as an aide-memoir for me and help me formulate the kinds of problems you might be seeking help for. However, these are destroyed after a few months of our working together. Obviously this means they will be inaccessible after this time.
Invoices are sent via email, which contain your name and address, the company name and address and the nature of the charge i.e. therapy session. Once sent, they are deleted from my SENT Box and TRASH Folder. You are advised to delete them from your INBOX and TRASH Folder as soon as you have made the payment. This is as much for protecting my personal information as it is protecting yours.
Sending personal information via email incurs a risk. If you do not wish to take this risk it is advisable to request a paper invoice or pay in cash.
Information Sharing
Information is confidential and not shared with anyone except in the following circumstances.
a. You provide written consent requesting me making a referral on your behalf to an external agency
b. You inform me that you are at risk of ending your life; that some serious harm will befall you or another if information is not shared; you are engaging in serious unlawful activity that can cause serious harm to others such as armed robbery
c. Information is sequestered via the legal or coroners court
In each case I will do my utmost to inform you of what I will share, and with who.
I follow the Caldicott Principles, which is to say that I will share the least amount of information necessary with only those who have a valid reason to be informed, all of which can be justified as being in your best interest, and in compliance with the law.
I use a smart phone which is protected by finger print entry, and/ or a six-figure pin code. Your phone number may be stored for convenience of being able to contact you when necessary, but your full name is not stored with your number.
The phone has email capability, which I may use to contact you as this vastly reduces the time for you to wait for me to respond.
Bulk Mail
Very occasionally, I send out a mailshot to all my clients. This has only been three times throughout my eleven years in practice. The nature of these were to notify of breaks in my practice to undergo further training, and to notify my return to practice following a break. Additionally, you may receive a mailshot with information on how records are kept, and to seek consent whether it is ok to contact you in future, which is done for ethical and legal reasons.
Emails are all sent Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), to preserve anonymity of email addresses.
I DO NOT attempt to advertise to previous clients despite the fact that it makes good business sense to do so. I only want to see clients who choose themselves to come and see me. Data Mining
I DO NOT Store cookies, attempt to track information mined from the internet or use nefarious means to engage in targeted advertising. Queries & Concerns
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let me know via or by calling 07949 989986.

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