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Public speaking can be described as speaking to group of people in a structured, deliberate manner with the intention to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners.

However, some people find that they feel somewhat nervous and uneasy when speaking to small groups of people, regardless of whether it is a formal scenario or not.

In either case, what is important is how people manage their mental and emotional state during the ‘air time’, which can be greatly influenced by the way it has been rehearsed.

When I talk about rehearsal, this can be the kind of rehearsal that happens in front of an audience or simply how you think the situation will go when you play it in your mind.

Other things such as identity can also affect speaking to groups. These can be recognised by personal statements such as ‘I’m just not someone who feels comfortable in front of a crowd’ or ‘I could never make a group of people laugh because I’m just not funny’.

Of course the fortunate thing about this is that identity changes. You are not entirely the same person as you were eight years ago, and you were different then to how you were when you were aged five.

Added to this are elements that you still have to learn about yourself, and how you could make people laugh or hold their interest from the individual way that you have an ability to do that.

The purpose of public speaking can range from simply transmitting information, telling a story or motivating people to act, but what makes a good Public Speaker is the ability to change the emotions of their listeners and not just inform them.

Using Hypnotherapy you can begin to update your identity to ways which lead you to more fulfilment in groups. You can rehearse the scenario to set a templatefor the mental and emotional cues to occur when you are in the situation, as well as develop more of a relationship with the audience that is free of the fears that used to run you.

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