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Download the Self-Assessment form below to help you gain a better understanding of the problem you are seeking help for.

You can use this just for yourself, but it will also help you to be clear if you decide to come for some treatment.

Filling one of these out before therapy also helps you to assess whether the treatment has been effective at the end.

PDF Version Self Assessment

Firstly the Self-Assessment helps you to simplify the issue into some main concerns.

It moves onto explore the things in life that either just seem to keep the problem going, or stop you from getting where you want. These might be things like a shortage of finances, avoiding certain situations or lack of transportation.
Other things that might have a strong impact on the problems we experience might be a colleague, partner, parents or child’s behaviour.

The assessment looks at why it's important to make the changes for you, and lastly what your goals might be.

You are welcome to email it to me if you wish and I will offer some feedback and a proposed treatment plan.

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