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Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Premature Ejaculation


Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Probably the worst name one could imagine giving such a condition, Impotence is indicated when an erection is consistently difficult or impossible to produce, despite arousal. As a name, erectile dysfunction is really not much better either. It is not actually a dysfunction but a naturally occurring function programmed into the ‘fight or flight’ response.

If chased by a predator the last thing we need to be considering at that moment is sexual pleasure or reproduction, and thus anxiety inhibits sexual functioning to transfer energy used by sex organs to other areas.

Difficulty getting, or maintaining and erection can be very shameful and cause deep embarrassment. After a prolonged period of sexual difficulties, it can be common to start expecting that things will not go so well, often leading to a negative association towards sex and avoidance.

Hypnosis can be a good way to help resolve anxiety issues, rehearse different potential scenarios regarding sex and create a different association to it.

Below you will find a checklist for symptoms that can be commonly related to psychological difficulties experiencing an erection. There is no number at which one can say that this rules out a medical condition, but the more that you tick may indicate an increased likelihood that psychological factors may be affecting you.

- Sometimes wake at night, or in the morning with an erection
- Can masturbate with fewer, or no problems maintaining erection
- Can ejaculate when masturbating
- Worry about getting or maintaining an erection in between sexual encounters
- Mentally measuring the hardness of your penis
- Spend a lot of time ‘in your head’ during lovemaking rather than ‘in your body’
- Feel embarrassed when losing or not experiencing erection with partner
- Stop sex after losing erection, and become withdrawn
- Become frustrated with self if erection is not experienced
- Hold a belief or feel that the body is in some way working against you
- Become somewhat anxious engaging in sexual activity for fear of losing erection
- Avoidance of sexual activity
- Strong desire to sexually please partner
- Belief that sexual satisfaction can only really be attained through penetration
- Comparing your sexual performance to the imagined performance of partners ex’s
- Feel reliant on medication for erectile problems
- Feel unattractive to partner
- Sense of masculinity affected
- Concerned partner will leave/ find someone else
- Partner not sensitive to the problems in a way that is helpful

While I have discussed mainly anxiety based issues, there can be various causes. Some of which are treatable medical conditions. It is therefore advisable that you consult a doctor or specialist to rule out any medical issues such as cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, hormonal insufficiencies or side effects from drugs.

Generally speaking though, if you get an erection in the morning or at any other time, it is likely that the problem is psychological.

If you choose to see me regarding this issue, we will explore the psychological elements that may contribute such as power imbalance in the relationship as well as unhelpful beliefs and ideals around it.

I very commonly see people for Erectile problems. Over the years, I have seen many clients for this concern with some great results*. Usually I help people to overcome this in up to three sessions.

It is perhaps also worthy of noting that this is an issue I have previous personal experience with and sensitivity to.

Feel free to call me on 07949 989986 for a free consultation to see how I may help you to overcome erectile problems.

*In the spirit of honesty, it is only fair to say that some have not had the results they were seeking. If no changes have occurred in three sessions, then I do not recommend continuing.

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Premature Ejaculation

People who experience Premature Ejaculation will commonly feel a sense of shame about this.

An aspect of 'toxic masculinity' is the tendency to engage in bravado and refrain from seeking help. This only adds to one's isolation and difficulties with this problem. This is especially unfortunate because it tends to happen to everyone from time to time.

Following our previous experiences, we begin to expect it to reoccur, and play a 'movie' in our minds about the fear of it happening again in future.

The shame, isolation and expectations often lead to sexual anxiety, and change how willing we might be to engage in sexual encounters.

All of which only increase the likelihood of the experience.

I work with people to support them in changing their expectations and their sexual behaviours.

Drop me an email on info@possie.co.uk, or give me a call on 07949 989986 for a free consultation to see how I may be able to help.

Go to my Hypnosis Downloads page for an abundance of Sexually related downloads that you can purchase to help you, help yourself.

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If you have been suffering from Vaginismus, you will have found that it affects your ability to engage in vaginal penetration. This may include sexual intercourse, insertion of tampons, as well as the penetration involved in gynaecological examinations.

Vaginismus is the result of a conditioned reflex of the "PC muscle", which is an unconscious response causing the muscles in the vagina to tense suddenly. This makes vaginal penetration either painful or impossible.

The severity of Vaginismus and the pain during penetration, including sexual penetration, varies from woman to woman, but it can be a very uncomfortable experience.

The discomfort is not only physical however, as this can strongly affect the way in which one relates sex, and also cause impacts in the relationship. The sense of shame can often be one of the most difficult parts of this issue, which is often one people find hard to confront either in therapy, or everyday life.

As this is an unconscious response, Hypnotherapy can help by gently using metaphors and accessing the unconscious mind to prepare the mind and body to relax deeply in the situation.

You should be aware that although I have what is generally a females name, I am a gentleman. I completely understand if you would prefer to see a woman for this. However, I have worked upon this with various women over the years and bring sensitivity and compassion to it. With a good understanding of some the key issues and having helped people achieve some very positive results. You can see one of these in my Testimonials.

Perhaps you have been single for a while and would like to overcome this so you feel you can enter into relationship with someone.

Maybe you are already in a relationship and want to make changes to enhance your sexual fulfilment.

Please do feel free to call me for a no pressure or obligation complimentary telephone consultation on 07949 989986 and see for yourself whether you feel this is something I could help you with.

Please note: Vaginismus can be affected physically alongside an Eating Disorder, but sometimes also as the bodies protection after having experienced sexual abuse. These issues may need to be worked upon first to help resolve them before considering work upon Vaginismus.

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Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Please read Overcoming Abusive Behaviour on my Love & Relationships page and PTSD may also be some help if you have suffered trauma as a result of Sexual Abuse.

Go to my Hypnosis Downloads page for an abundance of Sexually related downloads that you can purchase to help you, help yourself.

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