Hypnotherapy Testimonials in Brighton, Hove, and Lewes

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Alcohol & Social Anxiety

Hi Kim,

Hope all good with you!

I’m doing well and still off the alcohol and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I don’t want to put a time on it, but I realise how much happier I am off it. It’s been 127 days now.

Thank you so much for all your help. I love chatting with you and really enjoyed all our sessions. They made me realise so much about myself and I’ve not had a dark day since stopping the booze.

I’ve recommended you to a few friends and will continue to do so. But I think people are sometimes too nervous to make that first phone consultation, although for me it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Thank you!

Anonymous, 27/11/19*

Intrusive Thoughts

I visited Kim as I was suffering from recurring thoughts and images from a traumatic time, earlier in my life. I knew that I should have been able to control these thoughts as I had dealt with the actual event many years before, however they were consuming me and eating into my current life.

Kim was a very good listener and completely non-judgmental. He helped me articulate my problem and identify the issues that were affecting me. We had several sessions involving hypnosis and whilst these were tough at the time, within a few days it helped me gain some real perspective on my problem.

Whilst Kim is not a miracle worker, he really did help me start to deal with my issues. I now have several coping strategies for when the thoughts re-occur and am able to deal with them in a controlled manner.

I am glad I asked Kim for help and I do feel that he has had a positive influence on my wellbeing.

Anonymous, 13/08/19*

Exam Nerves

Hi Kim, Sorry, it has taken so long for me to get back to you. I can't believe it's the first of March!

I just wanted to let you know that I received my resit results and I passed. I was very happy and didn't once consider that the examination board had made a mistake. I also allowed myself time to mark and celebrate the achievement.

I thought you would also like to know what I did after our last session, how I approached the run-up to the exam and how I felt during the exam.

After our last meeting, I bit the bullet and told my sponsor that I failed the exam and had been having CBT sessions with yourself. He was incredibly supportive and a little annoyed that I hadn't told him sooner. Interestingly, as soon as it was out in the open, I felt as though a weight had lifted from me and my anxiety about the exam reduced. I also felt able to put the exam in perspective; this lowered the pressure I was putting on myself.

On the day of the exam, I got to university early and spent time just observing all of the other students as they arrived, something I have never done before. At the same time as seeing and mentally acknowledging their worried expressions, I was reassuring myself that I had earned my place on the course and these were my peers. There was no last-minute cramming or stress about the exam, again very different to the first time.

During the exam I was the most relaxed, I would go as far as to say that halfway through the exam I was actually enjoying the experience and felt very confident. I felt rushed towards the end and could have done with an extra fifteen minutes. However, at the end of the exam, I felt confident that I had passed. A marked difference to the first time.

My sponsor was delighted I passed and him knowing I had failed initially made the whole experience more worthwhile. I feel that I now have a better relationship with my sponsor as a result.

Thank you for all your help. It was and still is very much appreciated.

Anonymous, 01/03/18*

Public Speaking (Anxiety about shaking)

Just a quick update for you as I attended my daughter’s wedding this Saturday (the event I was dreading and the reason I first sought help from you).

A pivotal moment with you was when you said, and I paraphrase, that you could not ‘cure’ me and that I had to work things out for myself. I remember, at the time, being quite taken aback and thinking “Well, what am I paying you for then - I demand to be cured !!”

But after a few weeks I gradually begun to realise you were right -there was no ‘cure’ therefore I could end my five year quest looking for one and concentrate on getting better – what a relief !!

As a result, I have steadily been getting more confident and don’t worry about future events and what could happen. I still get slight ‘wobbles’ here and there but I don’t get hung up about it.

As a result, I enjoyed my daughter’s wedding - I didn’t worry beforehand about giving the ‘Father of the Bride Speech’ until some ‘nerves’ about 5 minutes before it was due, which I would consider ‘normal’. Some deep breathing and positive reinforcement soon sorted me out.

As a result, I delivered the speech, looking and sounding confident, and after a few seconds feeling confident too, to ninety guests and standing in front of a camera.

In conclusion I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for your help. 2018 seems a lot less scary place with many new opportunities to seek out and experience.

Kind regards,

Robin, 11/12/17*

Life Direction

I came to see Kim because I wanted to be more motivated- when really I was actually suffering from depression and anxiety. Looking back now I was in a very dark place and Kim helped me out of it. I couldn't get out of bed in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. All I wanted to do was sleep- even on days off and on annual leave! I was in the best position I had ever been in to achieve my goals and I was throwing it away. Eating damaging amounts of junk food just to get through the days and struggling to maintain a good state of mind with postiive thinking.

Now I am happier, less stressed, more motivated with less mental clutter and I am alot kinder to myself. I have a more positive self image and I went on to stay vegan and started eating really well- but importantly I wanted to- I wanted to make and consume, kale and spinach smoothies- I was alot more in touch with my body.

My partner noticed great changes and I was alot nicer to be around I guess now that I'm not fretting about the future or feeling overwhelmed. I sorted my debts out too and put payment plans in place rather than hiding under the duvet. I also started working out again and maintained it for the longest time in 4 years, by a mile stone!

I have a much clearer mind and found it alot easier to move towards my goals, where as before I was frozen. I remained driven but stress, worry and pressure left me once I released fear associated to a long forgotten memory- a procedure I recommened everyone to go through several times to drop baggage you might not know is there.

I'm writing this 3 months on and I can say that with 3 sessions it really kick started me in a postive direction and I've kept myself busy since. I commend Kim highly for his intelligence, skill and caring attitude towards me during the session. You will be pleasantly surprised at the postiive changes, I was very happy at a newly found gratitude and appreciation for my family and a love, respect and connection has deepened and that is absolutely brilliant.

Still holding down my job and off to Australia in exactly a month and Im excited about the future again, and actually feel like I can achieve big things again.

Anonymous, 29/10/17*

Depression & Shame

I've learned that I need to talk, I've become aware of how healthy that is and I realise how guarded I've been. I've begun to start asking for help. Talking aloud helps me to make sense of things rather than having that imaginary monologue in my head. Our sessions helped be more rational about all the things that used to go round and round in my head uselessly.

I've held on to lots of things, and made so many self-judgmental comments but now I'm being more self-compassionate and gentle on myself.

It's been hugely beneficial and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Genuinely I have to thank you so much, you've literally thrown me a life line!

I know it's your job and all but you take it beyond that and have a really personal way of being, you've truly been great.

Anonymous, 05/04/17*

Low Mood

It has helped putting the anxiety into perspective and to be able to stand back from it. Now I'm focusing more on the times when things are good.

It’s made me think differently about the whole thing. You've been very forthcoming with information and I found that you talked through and explained really well in a way that made sense to me.

Anonymous, 27/10/16*

Assertiveness & Anxiety

Since coming to speak with you I’ve found it easier talking to men in general and find them a bit easier to speak to than women in some way. I’ve started speaking with some of the men I meet at the parties we go to and the dads at school which has opened up a whole range of people I can speak to that I just wouldn’t have thought about doing before.

Recently, a mum at the school avoided my eye contact and where before I would think it must be something about me I just thought perhaps she’s shy and feeling awkward herself which is a change I’ve started noticing.

I’ve been going out more, enjoying things more and I’ve made the effort to chat more and getting to know new people. That thing you said about helping them to feel relaxed and cared instead of worrying about not being relaxed myself has really helped.

Also I’ve been saying no to people and giving myself more time for me.

Thank you, it’s been really helpful.

Anonymous, 20/09/16*

Fear of flying

I wanted to let you know that the flights went extremely well!! I was so chuffed at how good it was I've been recommending hypnotherapy to everyone!

I didn't really have any anxiety in the lead up to the flight and during the flight I had a few fleeting moments of fear but I was able to relax until it passed. I also had some of the normal thoughts about disaster that I seem to have at the moment but none were accompanied by any sort of panic reaction.

So, thank you so much!! We're going to be flying to Australia in Feb so I may need some top up sessions before the long haul, I'll see how I get on.

Take care, hope you are well.

Anonymous, 27/10/16*

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Confidence & Assertiveness

Thank you very much Kim I really value the sessions, I liked your manner you were very focused always came back to the issues and tried to progress it and bring solutions. You have a lovely manner and you can really see that you care.

I can’t think of any negative or constructive feedback, I got everything I wanted out of this, we looked at all the things I wanted to look at it was very complete.

Anonymous, 20-09-16*

Health Anxiety

Though things aren’t perfect I just feel more in control and I feel I can use what I’ve learnt in future. I’m quite a visual person and the things I remember the most are things you drew, like the responsibility pie chart and the graphs about things. They stayed in my head and kept coming back to me in the week when I needed them.

I couldn’t sort out the lots of things that were coming in but you’ve helped to sit and sort out the different parts of them and now I’m more able to feel more in control.

I found having the homework tasks very helpful, even if just to think through and focus on in the week. They are things I’ve got, and I can carry on using them in different areas of life.

The meetings have helped far more than I thought they would. I recognised more things that were tied into the health anxiety, and I felt able to talk about those which have helped me to put it all together.

It’s really been positive regarding the health anxiety and especially my concern about my breast.

When I went to the GP it was all overwhelming I felt like I was going mad. I remember crying a lot at the start. Doing this has validated my feelings and made me feel normal.

Anonymous, 30/08/16*

Panic & Self Esteem (with young person aged 15-16)

Thanks to Kim what once seemed like a burden I'd have to bear all my life now seems very certain to completely disappear.

Before starting work with Kim, I wouldn't open up to anyone about what I was experiencing but Kim made it feel so easy. He was understanding, empathetic and listened to all my problems and ramblings no matter how small they seemed - without any hint of judging.

Kim made sure that I wouldn't feel like it was due to him that I am feeling better, he didn't solve my problem he gave me the skills I'd need to figure out how to solve it myself.

Thanks to my conversations with Kim my entire outlook on life has changed throughout the way I think.

Kim helped me find a way to quieten the negative thoughts nesting in my mind and let the positive thoughts sing loud.

Throughout our sessions Kim helped me realise my own worth as a person, and I very quickly realised his worth as a therapist.

A session with Kim never feels like 'therapy', there is none of that preconceived therapist-patient dynamic.

Kim lets you lead the session completely, only discussing and doing things that you feel comfortable with.

I have learnt valuable skills and techniques that I will keep with me all my life.

After finishing my sessions with Kim, I feel like I can handle anything that life can throw at me, both in terms of mental health and generally.

My confidence in my own abilities and strengths have grown massively thanks to Kim.

I would recommend Kim to any other young people looking for help with any problem they are facing.

Whatever it is, I guarantee you, you won't be judged, you won't be scared and whatever happens, you won't regret it.

I will remember what Kim has taught me all my life, and I will always be grateful for the time we shared together.

SG, Lewes, 27/07/16*

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Panic & Social Anxiety

After I passed out through panic at my 40th birthday party I realised I had social anxiety and so I sought out a CBT and hypnosis practitioner. I found Kim.

Working with Kim for about 6 months helped me to understand what was going on and de-code some of my body’s messages so that I could understand it’s responses better.

I realised I had a choice whether to give my ‘symptoms’ attention or just breathe and tell myself everything is ok and I’m not in danger.

I’m still learning and I realise this is an ongoing process but God knows where I would be today without Kim.

He really helped me to put things into perspective.

SG, Brighton, 24/7/16*

Depression, Anxiety & Life Direction

Kim has brought a bright torch to a dark place and then guided me through the right doors to start to turn around and implement real change in my life.

At 38yrs old, my life patterns had become a big bag of knots, ranging from 'clinical' depression since before my teens, 'OCD' leading into very negative life habits, lots of drug abuse between 15-30 odd yrs old, umpteen broken relationships/friendships, evolving into utter recluse life patterns with little urge to look at the sun or engage with life.

Kim was able to see the complex negative patterns, built over the course of decades and pinpoint their core triggers.

The usual negative spiral of thought that starts after any positive thought happens stopped in its tracks after first session of Kim's Hypnotherapy.

Very strange feeling, afterwards it felt bit like an old friend that was no good for me, leaving,.. it has left a space to be filled with positive experience to build on.

As a result of not slipping into a 3 decade built negative spiral, my anxiety dropped, the depression reduced massively if not completely with numerous other negative patterns /habits just slipping away.

I have experienced my fair share of Doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, healers etc. None have been as life changing as Kim.

Its a long journey ahead to build a positive way of life and at last there is a way it can be done.

My main lesson is that if you let in the right person then they can help,...am very happy to have found the right person...I can see the sun shining again, thanks Kim

RG, Brighton, 22/07/16*

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I don’t feel entangled in everyone else’s situation and I don’t have to try and fix it.

I feel much stronger and I’m happy that I finally managed to get away from the other people in their situations.

It’s helped me get my life back and the approach of finding solutions rather than just speaking about it. It’s made me feel like there is not something wrong with me as a person, just something I have to get over and recover from.

My self-esteem has improved, I feel a lot stronger and I’m starting to notice the good things about myself and believe them. I feel wiser in that now I know I I don’t need to know everything and that its ok for me not to know everything.

It’s not been a pleasant journey, it’s been really hard but it’s really helped. The words said have stayed with me and I think about them a lot in between our sessions.

It’s helped working with a man because I haven’t had faith in men most of my life, and it’s good to see what you must have been through to get to a place where you can do this kind of work.

I will never forget you, thank you.

Anonymous, 02/06/16*


This process has helped me see things in a different way. I recognise that my criticism is unfair of myself, I feel better about myself generally and can see my achievements more.

It's really opened my eyes and helped me to see the three main issues I came with in a more relaistic positive way.

It has been an extremely helpful process, I feel less depressed overall and less concerned or worried.

Crucially, I feel ready to think about reducing the medication I've been on for fifteen years.

I've had CBT twice before but I always found they were 'playing from the book' or something. They had lots of models in their head which they seemed to try to make fit my situation by doing worksheet after worksheet but this wasn't like that.

It's clear you've got lots of experience, you're practical reasonable, and have a great perspective to bring to things. Your suggestions have been incredibly helpful and really made a difference.

SM, 18/11/15*

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Depression & Assertiveness

I think youve been an absolute diamond. Everything you've told me made everything make sense.

It helped me see that the things I've suffered are not made up, and that it is depression. Now I'm honest with people and do something about it to help me feel better.

This has given me the push to go to my mums grave which I hadn't been able to face for years.

Learning to talk to you has helped me to talk to my wife and talk to her right away rather than bottling it up.

I've gained a lot of knowledge and skills and I'm not going to be scared to ask for help anymore and I'm doing things to help myself get over it.

You've really listened, I felt that you haven't judged me and taken me seriously which was what I needed.

RS, 12/11/15*


It is very obvious in more conversations than ever before there is no sign of stammering at all and where there are occasions when I do stammer it isn’t anything like as bad as it was and I can control it better. Gradually the first scenario is increasing and the second decreasing so we’re on the right lines.

New ways of avoiding stammering keep coming to me and working. Frequently I speak totally fluently even when I expect to stammer and this, I believe, is because I almost forget about it at the crucial moment and I certainly - very definitely - forget to do whatever it was in the past that physically caused the stammer, even though i couldn’t begin to say exactly what that is.

Although I’m not at 100% fluency yet I’m well on the way to it and feel that 100% fluency is within easy reach fairly soon. Most of the time when I speak now I do so as I’ve always imagined everyone else does - automatically and spontaneously - which I don’t think I’ve ever done before and, of course, that works. Success attracts success.

I said to you previously that you are the first person I’ve been to with whom I felt I was actually hypnotised and that it was really going to work.

I appreciated your perceptive but non intrusive style and the way you conduced the sessions. If I ever having any other problems I need sorting out I shall know where to come.

Thank you so much for all you have done to help me; it is greatly appreciated.

MK, Brighton, (28/10/15)*

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OCD & Low Mood

When I first came to see you in was in despair and couldn’t see a way forward, I hadn’t spoken to anyone for 3 days. I’m 90% better or even 100% better.

Knowing it’s normal ‘not to be normal’ has helped me to relax about my problems.

To be given a program for weening myself off OCD behaviours has really helped me and I’ve stopped seeking reassurance as much. I never realised before that this was part of the problem and feeding back to my partner to stop doing this was helpful.

My social interaction with bosses has improved. Though I still avoid it to some degree I’m less likely to do this and much better in situation when I can’t avoid it. I really noticed the changes in me during my interview yesterday. I wasn’t seeking to score the most points out of everyone and so those perfectionist tendencies have reduced. I don’t have to be the best, which caused me lots of anxiety; it’s okay to be good enough.

I have a greater belief in myself and my abilities. I now know I shouldn’t have such a low opinion of myself and there are things I can actually do to make me feel better. Now I can recognise things that I do are good and I can enjoy positive feedback, enjoy my successes and take them on board.

You have been remarkably good, I don’t know how you deal with these issues. I shied away from speaking to people about my problems and felt it wasn’t ‘manly’, but this process has been excellent.

KB, 22/10/15*

Panic Attacks(Two sessions)

I am actually doing well my panic attacks more or less gone, I have a bit of anxiety but that’s all.

New job is going very well and people I work with are just normal – that what I like.

I have to say I really enjoy your sessions even though I was a bit skeptic at first.

You got to the point and you said loads of stuff in a two session which made loads of sense. We got more in two session, where to my other therapist took like 10 sessions.

I am not saying that good feedback often, but it was really positive and help me a lot.

AK, Brighton, (22/09/15)*

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PTSD, Driving, Tense Work Situation, Life Changes

I've been extremely happy with the service you’ve given me. I've felt that I can trust and talk to you openly about anything, you never judged me and helped me change my life around.

I’ve had a huge improvement in the car. I'm not as scared anymore which means I can go out more and do longer distances. It's opened up a whole new world.

Instead of thinking what I'm doing next week I concentrate on what’s happening in the here and now. It really has helped with all the bad memories I have which are slowly fading and some days they’re just not there at all; which is lovely. I've learned to accept anxiety when it comes and to deal with it head on. Our sessions have made me realise that I don’t need to be afraid of the past, to live in the present and that there is a future ahead of me. I have choices and I'm heading in MY direction.

Everything has changed really.

I can walk down the road without hunching myself, or being startled with traffic. I feel more confident in myself and definitely feel like a new person.
Thanks for everything, I’ll miss you and I’ll never forget our sessions.

VC, (17/09/15)*

Confidence & Assertiveness

I feel happier and a lot better in myself. After all this time I’ve managed to get a job.

Even my brother text me and said ‘you’re on fire, you’ve turned your life around’. It meant so much to me.

I’ve learned is that there’s no point in blowing up, I can just be calm and assert myself. I can take a step back and not get involved in other peoples problems.

My confidence has gone through the roof, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous, (27/08/15)*

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Work Tribunal, New Direction

I’m in a much, much happier place in terms of what I want to do next and also what I don’t want to do next.

I’m gaining confidence in coming to a decision. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter that much about what I decide but having a decision in place makes all the difference.

If I have a bloody plan, then I can deal with it when it doesn’t go right rather than predicting it won’t and not doing anything.

Working with you has been very helpful in terms of consciously practising changing the way of thinking about an outcome and not trying to predict the future.

I've identified the difference between what I can control and what I can't, which has helped me with all the “what if” questions. Because I've let go of things that have happened in the past, stopped predicting the future, I've started enjoying things in the present a whole lot more.

Writing lists of positives things that I've done has helped me to recognise what I’ve been doing well instead of focusing on all the negatives all the time and I can now see the positives about just getting out of bed.

It's one of the most important things I've ever done, it's like a mental revolution and I've transformed my future into something positive.

I can't think of any thing to improve in terms of what you contributed to our sessions. You were frank about your own personal experience about life which really helped my situation, and made me think in a whole different way about something, and feels like a truly lasting affect. You only did this when suitable but I felt you brought yourself to the whole thing.

Anonymous, (13/08/15)*

Work Related Stress, Depression & Stopping Smoking

When I discovered Kim I had hit a real low point. I was off sick from work with stress and felt that everywhere I looked I saw a dead end.

I called around various therapists before I settled on Kim.

Kim was the only one that I felt I had an immediate connection with as he really listened and reflected back to me my situation and feelings.

I have had counseling before but this was different. Kim really helped me to focus on what I wanted to get out of life, how to improve my situation and how to work with what I have got to plan a better future.

He is highly skilled and has a wide spectrum of techniques that he uses to achieve this. I really enjoyed the hypnosis and was able to take the feeling of wellbeing that this gave me out of the sessions and into my life.

This gave me such a boost, I began to see life with more positivity and clarity again after a long period of depression.

I felt that Kim genuinely cared about me and my situation and believed in my ability to pull myself out of a hole. He helped me to locate an inner strength and get back in the driving seat of my life.

I would highly recommend Kim to any one looking for an empathic and inspirational therapist.

BTW also am still not smoking!

VB, Brighton, (08/05/15)*

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Health Anxiety

I'm really happy that I was seen quickly and the sessions have helped immensly.

I feel I have eased out of the problems and stopped doing 99.9% of the safety behaviours I used to do in order to try to stop feeling anxious, and can tolerate it in new ways.

Now I'm looking forwards instead of backwards and things just don't worry me as much. I'm feeling more alive and just getting on with things.

My wife used to ask me to pop out and get some milk, and that was so scary for me, I used to say my goodbyes to everyone thinking I was going to die.

Now I just pop out and get the milk! I've started driving more on my own and I've come a long way since the start.

There is still more for me to do to overcome some of the anxieties I experience but the greatest thing I notice is that I've started becoming more aware of my surroundings and start to get pleasure in things again.

LW, (06/02/15)*

General Anxiety

Kim is a very gifted hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I had previously seen two other practitioners in Brighton and in comparison my session with Kim just blew me away.

He went to a lot of trouble to really understand the things that were bothering me, and gave me some very valuable insights.

The hypnotherapy helped to shift my perspective and when I walked out of his office problems that had seemed insurmountable felt manageable again.

He helped me immensely in just one session but I also know I will benefit greatly from seeing him more regularly.

There are a lot of hypnotherapists out there and I found it hard to separate the ones worth seeing from those who waste your time and money.

From my experience I can’t recommend Kim highly enough.

Anonymous, (26/11/14)*

Toilet Phobia

6 or 7 months ago I couldn’t do nothing, and now I can happily go out.

I wanted to be sorted by Christmas and now I feel I am, which is wicked, I’m sorted before Halloween!

Honestly I owe so much to you. Its unbelievable because I’ve always thought this is who I am now for the rest of my life and I have to deal with it.

6 months ago I was in a real shitty place, I couldn’t do the things I wanted to. I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t get a job, I couldn’t do loads of things, and then over the past couple of months you’ve changed my life.

LP, (02/10/14)*

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Social Anxiety

Kim made me feel very comfortable and made it easy being open and honest with him, and helped me to realise and tackle the root causes of my anxiety.

Kim empowered me to look to the future with positivity and gave me the confidence to let go of my crutches, holding me in the cycle of anxiety. After a few sessions with Kim I decided to give up smoking, be mindful of my attitude towards drinking and am applying to do a masters.

I still feel anxious in situations of course, but I have been given the ability to laugh at myself for it, and as such feel my sense of humour and personality have been restored to me because I no longer feel I have to hide who I am through fear that people wont like me for who I am…thank you Kim for all your help, it was a pleasure meeting you.

James, (08/04/14)*


Kim was really a pleasure to talk to. He was intelligent, intuitive, perceptive and a great wordsmith.

He was skilled at listening to my thoughts and then translating them into imagery that is now easy for me to retrieve when I need to be reminded of more positive ways of seeing things.

I was fairly cynical to start with but I would thoroughly recommend him to you- I bet you'll enjoy working with him. Thanks Kim!

Anonymous, Deputy Headmaster (14/02/14)*

Smoking Cannabis & Cigarettes

Well it's been ten days and I haven't smoked anything, and I also haven't felt like smoking anything. I'm also running and exercising and there is a structure to my days that wasn't there before.

So...so far so good. I'd like to say thank you again for your assistance in helping me.

I'll be wholeheartedly recommending you to any friends looking to implement change/unlock potential et al.

I'm really thankful Kim. Take care.

Jamie, Brighton (05/02/14)*

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Eating Disorder & Sleep Issues

I can not thank you enough for your help and understanding. It's been a bumpy ride but I finally feel as if I could be coming out the other side. I have put on 1lb and have kept it on for 2 weeks now. I struggled with it when I saw the scales but everyone is so pleased and proud of me so I feel it's worth it.

I don't like the thought that I have put on weight but in fairness all my clothes still fit me nothing is too tight and as I say it keeps everyone happy so it's win win really.

I think the big thing is I'm sleeping well so am able to make the right decisions, I feel so much more stable. I still have my safe foods but am gradually introducing different food and I've started to feel hungry which I haven't allowed myself to feel in a couple of years!

My relationships with everyone have improved as I'm telling the truth with people and not trying to avoid conversations !!

Things constantly pop into my mind that we have discussed, and you really gave me the tools to get better.

I was talking to my Mum at the weekend and one of things you said to me was my inner voice that was telling me to limit my calories and not too eat was like a small child, that the more I stopped listening to it the less it would influence me. As a mum of 3 children I am very used to putting this into practise so I applied it to my inner demons and it really worked !!

For the first time in years I'm looking forward to my future and of course I have bad days but I remember thats all they are just 1 bad day.

So thank you, thank you , thank you ! You have helped me so much and in turn my family as I'm on my way back to being my old self.

Anonymous, Brighton(27/01/14)*

Depression & Anxiety

I don't have words to say thanks to you for being there and being so patient with me. I feel the connection has been there and you have been an amazing professional. Having someone as supportive as you giving me insight has made me stronger, and really helped me to come to decisions.

It's been excellent and so helpful in a short space of time.

Anonymous, Lewes (20/12/13)*

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I had suffered from vaginismus for the last 12 years. It was impossible to have penetration.

When I meet Kim my life changed forever. After a few sessions I realised that my problem was more serious than I predicted, but without going into too much detail, I started to see a lot of changes. I was feeling more beautiful, happier in general and even started to lose weight. I basically felt like a different person… a new person.

During my life I have tried every treatment to sort out my problem but with no results and my marriage was at breaking point.

Kim was very patient and most of all very professional. He made me feel like I've known him for years. He asked questions but already seemed to know the answers, it was so strange!

The only advice I give to anyone that would like to have this kind of treatment is to relax, be honest and trust Kim. Just let yourself go with all the process. It took me 10 sessions to solve my problem. I owe my life, my integrity and feeling like a women, to Kim.

VM, Hove (11/12/13)*

Lost & Lonely

For donkeys years I hated being alone, life didn’t seem worth living without having someone but I’ve managed to find contentment in my own company and look at the benefits of being alone.

It's like you switched a light on for me and allowed me to see things in a different way that I couldn't before. You have given me the ability to question myself and reason with myself, and it’s worked.

I feel like I’ve got off the roundabout that had been exhausting me since 1998, and I’m the person I used to be again. It’s like a miracle. The job that you're doing is invaluable.


Dealing with relationships & lots to do

I’m so grateful to have someone who understands, has such a vast knowledge and is able to solve problems the way that you can.

Every time I speak with you I find something new I can do to help myself and different ways I can see the situation.

I feel really heard by you, you just seem to get it!

I've had some really difficult decisions to make and people to deal with but you've helped me to find ways to manage it all.


To the Top

Anger & anxiety

The way you’ve explained things to me has really helped, I now feel that I have tools for dealing with things as they come up rather than fretting about problems in the future. I’ve started seeing friends more, and I’m enjoying going out again.

My work situation has improved and I’m feeling a whole lot less anxious and angry in general. I wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t had our sessions, I know it’s all down to you and I really like to say thank you.

Anonymous, (29/08/13)*


Wanted to let you know that my interview yesterday was successful on all accounts. Nowhere in the interview did I put myself down, or by the same token lie about what I can offer, and still stayed myself. I think your approach, manner and listening skills have a great deal to do with the result I've just got.

EW, Brighton (22/05/13)*

Driving Anxiety

I have found the sessions immensely helpful, and following quite a bit of driving over the past few days feel I have achieved the best results I could hope for.

I am extremely grateful for how much you have helped me, it has made a real difference and I wish you all the best for the future. Many thanks.

ES, Brighton (04/05/13)*


Instead of seeing a few positives in a whole bunch of negatives, it’s the other way around and I’m seeing few negatives in a whole bunch of positives. I feel I’ve done a complete 180 degree turn.

RB, (23/04/13)*


I’m really grateful to have someone who knows what they are talking about giving me advice. Some of the things you’ve said have really struck a chord and the suggestions you’ve made have really helped. The major thing you said to do is to not give the anxiety the importance and doing this made a big difference.

JE, ( 23/04/13)*

To the Top

Cocaine, Alcohol & Diazepam

Just writing to say that I will not be needing my Thursday session at this point. I feel so much better and have got through 3 major tests unscathed! New Years Eve wasn't a problem either!

It certainly hasn't been a 'magic bullet'...I need to keep up my disciplines, but it has certainly made me more aware and more able to implement my disciplines in those weaker moments.

Right now I feel very set on my path and want to enjoy what it now has to offer ...so thank you!

Anonymous, Brighton (01/01/13)*

Professional Testimonial

It has been a real pleasure working you.

I feel you have made some really valuable contributions to the team both clinically and in the numerous meetings we have to attend.

You have a genuine talent, it always sounds like your doing some really good, useful and human work in a professional and confident manner.

Team Leader, IAPT Primary Care Mental Health, (30/08/12)*

Lost Way

You have restored my faith in myself and I am on the path of thinking positive about myself again. You helped me to identify that it's not always my fault when things go wrong.

I am thinking about myself in a more kind way and I know I deserve to treat myself to things I can enjoy.

When I started working with you I saw the world in shades of grey, but now the world is in colour in the again, and my glass is half full!

AR, Care Worker, (30/06/12)*

Alcohol Use

I came to see Kim as I’d become dependent on alcohol as a means of “getting through” the evenings.

Kim’s perceptiveness and compassion helped me explore my feelings and gave me an enormous sense of relief.

I found the hypnosis very calming and ultimately empowering. Although I chose to attend two further sessions, I stopped drinking after the first session.

I feel a lot less anxious and my kids have got a nicer, more patient mum.

Jo, Teacher, Brighton (10/04/12)*

To the Top

Anxiety & Self Esteem

Being quite shy and insecure, Kim made me feel comfortable, safe and ready to talk. His counsel and gentle nature eased me out of my comfort zone and into a new way of thinking.

He got to the route of the problem helping me look at my situation more rationally. I came to him feeling insecure, anxious and lost within myself, and left feeling a lot more self assured and found that I did have worth after all.

During my hypnotherapy sessions I felt a great sense of achievement in being actively involved in my change process aided by the support of a very kind and comforting person.

Thank you Kim for pointing me in the right direction, I feel you have helped me open my eyes so that I could begin re-training my thoughts.

I will always think of our sessions fondly and with much appreciation.

Rose, Student (09/04/12)*


It’s been really helpful to realise that I'm not going barking mad, and what I feel is real and valued. I know that I do have a right to an opinion and now I can state it confidently. I stick up for myself so much more, this process has truly empowered me.

SH, (16/03/12)*

Social Anxiety

You've been brilliant, really, really, really good. Our sessions have made me pull my socks up and become more positive. I've poured my heart out which has helped me feel happier and you made me laugh again.

MC, (19/10/11)*

Social Anxiety

It's been good because I've been informed of other services that have also helped, and the chance to talk and get things off my chest has made a real difference. I don't think I could have had a better result.

AA, (08/08/11)*


You've been brilliant. You've helped me think about things differently in a way that I wouldn't have been able to without you. Thank you.

LD, (18/06/11)*

To the Top

Panic Attacks & isolation

Hello Kim,

it's now about 6 weeks since I saw you and want to tell you I am doing fine. My days are so full now that I don't actually have time to do the housework!

I have joined groups covering History, Poetry Appreciation, Creative Writing and Italian and this afternoon is the first meeting of a Wildlife and Nature group which I have been instrumental in STARTING. I also work in a charity shop on Friday afternoons and Saturday morning and absolutely love it. This is all down to you.

I finally sussed it all out. From birth I was given the instruction "don't exist" and have lived my whole life trying to follow it by avoiding all connection with the big wide world.

I made a little cage where I felt safe and any foray out of it caused all sorts of conflict and stress. I literally tried not to be here.

Now I am suddenly free of this instruction and I'm starting to enjoy myself. All my "childish" side seems to have disappeared, leaving me fully adult and allowing me to do anything I want. The time is flashing by and I don't feel daunted by the prospect of winter at all.

I feel I know who I am at last.

How do I say "thank you" for a life?

Anonymous, (21/11/11)*

Stopping Cannabis (One session)

I would like to thank you. I have found it remarkably easy to stay off the smoke (cannabis). I still think of it very much, but not in the same way.

You've worked wonders! I have confidence that I've turned a corner and I will use the benefits that I'm already seeing as motivation.

Thanks again, Tim.

Brighton (29/09/11)*

To the Top

Stop Smoking

I found Kim very open, honest and clear on expectations and boundaries.

I had two sessions, in which Kim was extremely supportive and encouraging. Each time I felt a little ‘wobbly’ I would email him and he always emailed back promptly. I also found him very understanding, empathic and extremely insightful which made the journey a lot smoother for me.

Having someone that 100% understands was a gift in itself.

I was a full time smoker and had cut down to 1-2 a day and then of course there was the social smoking.

Hypnotherapy has worked wonders for me, with a little work from myself too, but I am totally amazed.

I don’t think about smoking anymore. If anything, I think about having not thought about smoking!

I feel the best I have for a long time and probably the happiest I have ever been too! I just wish I had tried this method earlier.

Pom, Brighton (20/06/11)*


Working with Kim was challenging, surprising and exciting.

Being faced with a crossroads in my life seemed overwhelming, but hypnotherapy provided me with the tools to face the scary stuff rather than taking the easy way out.

The funny thing is, once I confront my demons, they're actually not that scary any more. But I wouldn't have had the courage to do it on my own.

So thank you - you helped me find my inner strength.

Anonymous, Journalist, Hove,(19/08/10)*

Driving Test (4th Time Lucky!)

Hi - just thought I'd give you a quick message to tell you that I had my driving test yesterday morning and I passed! Thanks for your help, I know it was down to me but I think the hypnotherapy really made a difference.

Jemima, Student, Brighton (26/06/10)*

To the Top

Life Changes

I had 4 sessions with Kim that changed my life!

I went for different reasons including finding my life purpose and to make things in my life happen. Also, to improve my self-confidence, deal with jealousy issues, and finally to stop smoking.

His approach is very good, I felt at ease with him straight away and felt understood with my issues.

I found the hypnosis itself  is like that lovely state one is in just before falling asleep, when ones mind rests, allowing total relaxation.

After his sessions I usually skip down the road full of confidence.

I would recommend Kim highly to anyone, and have done to close friends. I even referred my mum who is also a big fan of Kim!

As to the issues we dealt with in his sessions, well my self-confidence is at a wonderful place, I really got to like me with all my faults and left my jealousy behind me - apart from a little healthy portion that makes sense to keep.

I am now sure what I want to achieve in my life and how to get there, it comes easy to me and feels great!

Oh and yes I did give up smoking too.

Possibilities unlimited indeed!

Recha Gries, Events Co-ordinator and Wedding Consultant (17/02/10)*

Professional Testimonial

Kim is much more than a hypnotherapist. He uses his skills in counselling and personal development to really get to the heart of the issue and then builds your stamina and understanding in that area.

Whatever you want change, he comes Highly recommended!

The Life Project

Eating (One Session)

Hi Kim,

I am just writing to let you know that things have been going quite well since the hypnotherapy. 

Although I had some chocolate and cake at Xmas I didn't eat as much as usual and since then I have been really healthy. 

I have only eaten one cereal bar in the last few weeks and today I walked past a table full of cakes at work and didn't even think about having one, so I am really pleased.

Anon, Brighton*

To the Top

Nail Biting (One Session)

Just dropping you an email to let you know how things have been my with nail biting since our session.

It's been pretty incredible so far. I haven't really bitten my nails at all - I have almost started a few times (though in a very incidental, rather than intense way) but each time just as my finger has drifted to my mouth, I just instantly and without thinking, lower my hand!

More than this though I have noticed a few interesting things that maybe contributing to this. Firstly, I am very disinterested in my nails in a way I never was before. I never really think of them or look at them, and that has felt really good. Secondly, I have felt slightly more protective (for want of a better word) over my fingers - I have been washing them a lot more and generally caring for them.

They feel a bit smoother, cleaner and more sensitive and less the sort of things I would want to bite, or get dirty, or treat badly. It has been a very light and easy change - I haven't had any strong urges, or any strong conscious feelings toward not biting  - I just haven’t wanted to in any way.

I have been so surprised by this and I really have been amazed at what's happened. I have been biting my nails every day for 15 years and then for the last four days I just haven't.

Quite extraordinary.

Anyway, that’s the stats!

I can't thank you enough for the treatment

Thanks again,

Ray, Teaching Assistant, Brighton (11/12/09)*

Public Speaking

Kim was a great help to me as I had no public speaking experience and I wanted to explore all avenues to overcome this apparently very common fear.

At first, though sceptical, I noticed subtle changes. After a few sesions, I found the experience had really helped me. I learned to drive through the mental roadblocks that I had put up for myself.

This is something I really wanted to do, and now I know I can. I still get nervous in some public speaking situations, but no longer to the point where it stops me doing the things I want to do.

It has been a great experience and I highly recommend Kim if you're facing similar issues.

Andrew, Brighton, (05/12/09)*

To the Top

Confidence & Assertiveness

I am just sending you this email to thank you for your help. I first came to see you feeling very demoralised with low confidence, but after our first session it had improved massively.

After our second session focusing on my confidence, I managed to start conquering my fears that day, and each day since, I have from strength to strength.

Now I can look at things in a completely different way. I can face my fears and overcome them in a way I couldn't prior to our sessions.

I can honestly say you have changed my life and I can now look forward to the future. Many thanks again...

Andy Poole, Manager, Brighton (02/12/09)*

Cocaine Addiction(One Session)*

Dear Kim,

I am writing to let you know that I wont be needing the second session after all, I no longer have the Friday feeling and that after ten years of cocaine addiction, one session was enough to help me realise the benefits of being free of the little devil on my shoulder, I cannot thank you enough.

I feel absolutely brilliant, in two short weeks my life has improved substantially, my whole life is so much better and I am starting a Law Degree soon thanks to you, something which I would never have previously considered because of my addiction and the restrictions I had placed on myself through cocaine use.

Now all I need to do is improve my memory :)

Thank you again for helping me,

Simon, Student, Brighton (14/09/09)*

To the Top

Weight Loss & Food Relationship (One Session)

"You saw me a week or so ago for a hypnotherapy session and I wanted to let you know I've got on this week.

Well, I'm not sure what you did but it seems to have done the trick. So far, so good anyway!! :)

I wanted to leave getting back to you till after the weekend, because even though the week has been great, I've often given in to temptation at the weekends. But even though we had lunch out - and a couple of drinks on Saturday night, I still managed to choose healthier options and didn't go over board. Normally I'd just say 'I'll worry about it on Monday'.

All week I've felt extremely positive about myself, food and losing weight. I'm not obsessing about it like I had been, and to be honest I haven't really thought about food until I've been hungry which is usually around lunchtime or tea time. Not every 10 minutes like it use to be! And I've also remembered things you suggested like drinking water first, then seeing how I feel, and eating smaller portions!

My boyfriend has noticed the biggest change in me really. He said he didn't want to mention it as he didn't want to make a big deal out of it. But he says I'm just so much more relaxed and happy - and in control. He couldn't believe that I hardly touched my glass of wine while we were having lunch. He was afraid I'd go too  much the other way and deprive myself, but he was pleased that I still enjoyed myself on Saturday without the binge and guilt cycle I'd usually have.

So I'd like to say a big thank you, I'm so much happier and my clothes fit better already! I'm hoping this will be a lifestyle change for good now - instead of the constant battle I used to have. I feel different about everything - and don't feel like I'm on a diet - I've just changed my ways.

Thanks again, and I'll be sure to recommend you to other people."

Charlie Wilkins, Production Journalist, Brighton (22/06/09)*

To the Top

Stress & Relationships

"I found Kim a very kind, understanding and knowledgeable man.  I would normally find it difficult to open up and talk through my problems with someone I didn't know, but Kim soon put me at ease which enabled him to get to the root of my problems and through hypnotherapy and visualizations overcome the issues which had been troubling me. 

He has helped put the difficulties of my past behind me which had burdened me for too long and give me confidence and optimism for the future.  It has been a very positive experience for me which I only regret I didn't do sooner.  If you go to Kim you'll be surprised at what can be achieved.  I would recommend him to anyone."

Jeff, Lancing (31/05/09)*


"I am very, very grateful for your openness. It has helped me to acknowledge and alter a recurring pattern in my life, and to do so in a safe space with a therapist that I trust. I have come further in our sessions than with any other counselling before."

Anon, Lecturer, Brighton, (27/05/09)*


“It has been so good to finally sleep again, and I’m so grateful. Thank you so much for everything.”

Lucy Ponsford, Brighton, (23/04/09)*

Suprise Result

“I’m surprising myself with how ok I am, and the amazing thing was that after you did that stuff about letting go of heavy bags, I woke up the next morning feeling light as a feather and bizarrely happy.  Even more strange, after failing to lose any weight at all despite 4 weeks of trying, that morning I had lost 3lbs!!”

CB, Brighton, (07/04/09)*

To the Top


"I wanted to let you know, and more importantly thank you, because I had a blood test on Friday 13th! I did not vomit, faint or anything afterwards, I just got up and walked out, which is something I really wouldn't have thought possible before our appointments. I did get very weepy immediately beforehand, but this is such huge progress and a few tears didn't seem to bother the nurse or me.

I really appreciate the discussions we've had and the encouragement and support you've given me. I think the name of your company (Possibilities Unlimited) is very apt - and now I have done this I hope I can use a similar approach to face any challenges.

Thank you again - my family are completely gobsmacked - I'm not, because I really did change my thinking in our second session, and knew I would do it, but I am pretty astonished at how quickly change is possible."

Caroline Banfield, Brighton, (15/02/09)*

Food Relationship

"When I saw Kim Leader for hypnotherapy treatment I was astounded at how genuinely caring he was. He showed a wonderful understanding of how to free ourselves from the problems we face through changing our thought patterns and he demonstrated great skill through his hypnotherapy.

Kim is highly empathetic, a fantastic hypnotherapist and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone!"

Emily O'Hare, Brighton (19/01/09)*

To the Top

Social Anxiety & Panic Attack

"I went to see Kim to overcome anxiety in work and social situations - on some occasions; I had even suffered panic attacks. I had got to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore and was avoiding situations to minimise the risk of it happening.

When the session started, we talked for about an hour before the hypnosis and Kim helped me to see how avoiding the situation was only fuelling the anxiety in the long term. He helped me to see things from a completely different perspective in a way that didn't make things such a big deal which in itself was a big deal for me!

He gave me some practical things to try such as just accepting it or even trying to 'bring it on' which in an odd kind of way calmed it all down! We talked a lot about what life will be like without the inappropriate anxiety and I began to see situations that I would previously have avoided as a distinct possibility. The hypnosis part was deeply relaxing and I remember having many visualisations of future situations and seeing myself feeling calmer and in control.

I had 2 sessions but even after the first one, I had an instinct that things felt pleasantly different. Since then, I've been able to share this with those people closest to me, which in itself has been a weight off my mind as it was previously a big secret. The biggest difference is that I have realised what it is like to look forward to those events which used to make me nervous.

Now, each time I come away from an event, I focus on what went well which seems to make me stronger and stronger as time goes on Kim also made me see that to eradicate anxiety for good would be not be realistic as everyone experiences it from time to time and that is quite normal. The difference now is that my anxiety feels much more appropriate to what I'm doing and if I do feel like that, I just relax with it, go with it, accept it and I can't even remember at what point it goes away!

Thank you Kim!

Anon, Brighton (09/01/09)*

Professional Testimonial

"As a working colleague of Kim's, I have always found him to have a creative and energetic approach to his work.

This energy and creativity has a way of inspiring those people he works with, whether students or&colleagues.

He is also open to introducing and sharing new ways of working, resulting in a fresh, insightful and often playful space in which to work. "

Veronica Wiseman - Momentum Training & Consultancy (22/09/08)*

Professional Testimonial

“Client's benefit from Kim's vast array of  creative and practical skills, drawing on a range of approaches, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of substances and a genuinely compassionate understanding of  the people he supports.'”

Paul Jacob, YOT Substance Misuse Specialist (07/08/08)*

To the Top

Depression (One Session)

“It is over a week since our session and I've been meaning to email you ever since to thank you. Not only for fitting me in at short notice but for the session itself which had a profound effect on my mood, my positivity and my attitude in the days following it - my original self-belief and enthusiasm came back, I was able to see clearly again.

Despite the last few days (some of the most difficult of my life) I have managed on the whole to keep my perspective and stay as calm and positive as I can - I know for a fact that if I had not seen you last week the events of the last few days would probably have pushed me over the brink.

A lot of the things you said to me during the hypnotherapy part remain constantly with me and are helping me get through.

All the best”

CW, Brighton (22/09/08)*

Stop Smoking

“I didn't know what to expect but I went with an open mind although I was pretty determined that I wanted to stop smoking. I didn't think it would be quite so relaxing - my body seemed to melt into the chair, and I felt completely relaxed but I could hear and follow everything that was being said.

When it was time to finish I didn't want to open my eyes, but I felt fine and was able to carry on with my work with no side effects and......I haven't had a cigarette since!”

I found the hypnotherapy 'experience' very good. It was hugely relaxing and I am keen to learn more about it. I would be interested in attending your introduction.

Pamela McQueen, Project Support Officer (10/03/08)*

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Professional Testimonial

"Kim Leader is an excellent therapist. He combines solid skills and wide experience with a uniquely caring attitude. He is well placed to treat depression, anxieties including phobias, trauma and sleep disorders as well as addictions and anger issues."

Mark Tyrrell, Creative Director of Uncommon Knowledge, (21/11/07)*

Sleep & Anxiety

"After having trouble sleeping and experiencing anxiety and stress at work, I tried herbal remedies, yoga and meditation, none of which helped. I then decided to try hypnotherapy. During the two hour session Kim was patient and reassuring and before being hypnotised Kim spent around 45 minutes determining what was causing my sleep problems.

I found it very constructive the way in which Kim made me aware of the route of my anxiety and have since been able to prevent situations inducing stress and anxiety which in turn has helped me sleep. Before my session with Kim I was having many sleepless nights but now this has been completely resolved.

The hypnosis was a very pleasant experience and I left the session with a strong sense of wellbeing.

I had not expected such amazing results in one session. My stress levels and lack of sleep was having a profound effect on my life and now the problem has been resolved I feel like a new person.

I am really grateful to Kim for his help and support and would recommend him to anyone who is having similar problems."

Christine Batty, Project Manager (12/11/07)*

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Professional Testimonial

I have found Kim’s ideas inspiring and thought provoking. He bubbles with enthusiasm alongside a passion for his work that ensures he gives each person the best service he can offer.

Luci Hammond, Young Women Substance Misuse Worker (23/10/07)*


"Being sceptical about hypnotherapy, I went into my first session with Kim with as open a mind as possible.  Now several sessions later, I not only believe, but fully endorse the concept.

Having a rather stressful job, I have found myself dealing with trying situations in a much calmer manner, by using methods, I believe, put in place whilst hypnotised.

I have found myself feeling more relaxed about work and life in general, with methods of dealing with situations far different to how I would have usually, prior to my sessions.

I find Kim very easy to talk to and feel relaxed by this calm but focused approach to the session.  He ensures that a structure is put in place for my expectations and gains agreement prior to commencing the actual hypnotising.

I would thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy and particularly Kim, as I have truly benefited from the experience."

Robin Santall, Airline Security Manager (02/10/07)*

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Professional Testimonial

"I've known Kim for over eight years and have admired his drive to better himself; in working, learning, and bringing up a family.

He has gathered a number of skills and tools which have armed him on his journey of self discovery, and equipped him to work dynamically with others. His knowledge and enthusiasm have blended into a forward thinking developer of change.

I enjoy his open conversation, his ability to listen and make a point. Humour complements his style and oils the workings of his relationships; creativity allows his skills to expand to meet a person on their terms."

Alistair Mayor, Counsellor (02/10/07)*

Professional Testimonial

"You have plenty of enthusiasm, a really confident manner and an infectious personality"

Sara Taylor, Hypnotherapist (11/06/07)*

Professional Testimonial

"Very creative hypnotic intervention…We were all absorbed and impressed."

Lynne Summerville, Hypnotherapist (06/05/07)*

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