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Weight Loss & Slimming

Everyone knows that to lose weight one needs to eat a balanced, healthy diet and exercise more. Unfortunately, knowing this doesn't really make any difference. It doesn't make chocolate any less tasty or cakes any less appealing.

Though the guilt and shame from over eating, or eating the 'wrong' foods is designed to get us to stop doing it, this often just makes us feel bad about it. Feeling bad about our choices knocks our confidence and of course when we're feeling bad what do we want to do. Perhaps we might want to eat the thing that, in the very short term at least, makes us feel better.

The media and society have a lot to answer for in perpetuating the ideal of the 'perfect' or desired body. Giving us a sense of not being good enough or attractive.

Trying to lose weight can be demoralising but some support and compassion it might become a positive and healthy experience.

I work with people to help:
  • Change the way that we associate to food
  • Develop a positive relationship towards the right kind of tasty food
  • Engaging your motivation naturally by doing enjoyable activities 

Of course, I also work on other aspects that are common with weight issues such as confidence, self criticism and help find ways to be free of the guilt and shame associated with eating patterns.

Please feel free to call on 07949 989986 or email info@possie.co.uk to book in a free consultation and see how I may help you

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