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Regardless of the addiction, there are two main reasons that people become addicted.

1. To cope with situations, thoughts, emotions and physical feelings.

2. The addiction starts to create certain associations that lead people to think that it will fulfill their needs i.e. Confidence, relaxation, peace, escape, pain relief etc.

When you change your associations to the behaviour and fulfill any unresolved needs, it can become a much easier to start heading in the right direction.

Like any change, stopping an addiction will incur some loss. However, it often reaches a point where being free from the addiction gives a lot more.

If you have been suffering from Addictions of one kind or another then you probably will have experienced one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling Ashamed about use
  • Feel a sense of Need for Substance
  • Unsuccessfully trying to stop or reduce
  • Thinking and Feeling that one cannot do without Substance
  • Getting feedback from others about stopping or reducing
  • Choosing the Substance over family and loved ones
  • Others showing levels of concern about use
  • Substance becomes higher on the list of value and importance
  • Being Secretive about use
  • Increased Tolerance
  • Withdrawal Signs
  • Fear of Withdrawal
  • Lying to oneself and/or others

If you recognise any of the symptoms above then it maight be time to do something about it. I specialize in addictions and have worked as a:

  • Addictions Specialist Hypnotherapist
  • Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
  • Project Manager of a Drug Education Service
  • Freelance Trainer to professionals in the field of Substance Misuse
  • Substance Misuse Lecturer at College and University
  • NVQ Assessor ensuring Drug and Alcohol Workers meet the required criteria
  • Substance Misuse Project Worker
  • Young Persons Substance Misuse Practitioner

If you'd like a chat, have any queries, or wish to book a consultation call on 07949 989986 or email

I am also adept at working with addictions in the form of:

  • over-eating/ comfort eating/ slimming
  • kleptomania (Stealing)
  • relationships
  • compulsions
  • behaviours
  • Gambling
  • money
  • power
  • work
  • sex
  • lying
  • and all other forms of Addiction

My Resources page has a variety of diaries to help you gain awareness of your triggers, enables you to see patterns in use and give you a greater sense of conscious awareness about it so that you are able to distinguish your choice in the matter.

You will find an abundance of Additions related Hypnosis Downloads if you wish to purchase one that suits your needs.

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