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If you have been finding procrastination an issue then you may find that you leave things to the last very last minute, then have a mad and stressful hive of activity to get that thing done before, or perhaps even after the deadline.

People procrastinate by getting on with things such as cleaning the house, which seems useful and can therefore be a good excuse not to do what you know you 'should' be doing. You people might think "I'll just browse the internet quickly", and three hours later it's time for bed.

There will be many reasons why you procrastinate. It could be becuase you don't like being told what to do, or that you fear the work will be a failure. You might not feel that you know or have what you need to get on with it. Sometimes it's just simply that your associations to doing it are negative seems like a lot of hard work.

Now it may be hard to accept this, but there is no 'should'. You don't have to do it! Of course there will be consequences if you do not, but when it becomes a free choice instead of a 'should' you might find that you are free from the guilt and pressure, allowing your natural motivation to increase.

Working with someone can help you to understand the reasons why you procrastinate and put in place ways to overcome these. Using Hypnosis, you can find that you are able change your associations to undertaking tasks and begin finding it much easier to just get on with it.

I have created a formulation (which is a kind of psychological map) outlining the process behind procrastination. You might find it useful to look at and identify key areas affecting you by visiting the following page.

Procrastination Formulation

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