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(a.k.a. speed, base, whizz, billy)

Often sniffed, 'dabbed' or 'bombed' in a cigarette paper Amphetamines can also be injected.

Amphetamines initially produce a feeling of well being, chattyness and a sense of heightened energy. Of course they DO NOT give you more energy becuase they can't give you more energy than you already have, but merely stop the body from giving you the signals that you are now tired.

Therefore using speed allows people to 'run on reserve'. Using this amount of energy, coupled with the appetite supressant factor of speed can cause people not only to lose weight, but to dangerously burn fat from the organs as the body strives to regain nutrition.

Perhaps you take speed to stay awake for your work, or to party. Some people use it as an aid to weight loss.

Whatever the reason you may be using speed, you will know that it can cause really quite damaging affects.If the come down wasn't bad enough, there is still to deal with feelings of fatigue and emptiness, not to mention the irritation and agression.

Speed can also cause Psychosis in regular long term use.

So whatever the reason is that you may have been using speed, perhaps you have come to the point where you are ready to stop or reduce now.

Seeing a Hypnotherapist can allow you to find new meanings and associations towards speed, as well as supporting youb with the resources needed to make stopping much easier.

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