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Feeling angry is a natural response to being attacked, insulted or deceived. Anger shows you when someone has broken your rules or stepped over a boundary, and it motivates you to take action when these boundaries have been crossed.

It is important to make the distinction between anger and aggression. Anger is what you feel as an emotion, aggression may be what you do as a result of that feeling. Aggression is useful in physical defense of our life or well being, but this case tends to be rare in our modern world. Aggression will much more often than not, cause misery in the life of all those involved.

Anger is healthy and useful!

Anger, triggers the fight or flight mechanism situated the primal part of the brain. You release the stress hormone adrenaline preparing our body to fight a foe, or to make a run for it. All this diverts activity from your reflective, more evolved aspect of your thinking, resulting in poorer availability of choices, and having a profound affect on your response to situations. As a result of this, when feeling angry you may do things that otherwise you would not have dreamed of. This tends to lead to feeling guilty, frustrated and ultimately, more angry.

Releasing this energy and tension through exercise is good for you, but it been shown that continually 'venting' anger can actually cause people to suffer more anger.

Some people tend to bottle it up, causing anxiety, depression or the infrequent, but excessive, outburst of pent up frustration.

Maybe you have been finding that you are feeling angry a lot of the time and that you are struggling to control it. Perhaps this has led to you behaving in ways that you, or others feel uncomfortable with.

Usually with anger, but often outside of our awareness, there is some interpretation of the event, situation or what has been said or done. Talking about this can help to identify these unconscious interpretations and therefore begin to assess whether they are useful and appropriate. You may be able to find different ways of thinking about the situation that reduces anger and aggression. In addition you might find that Hypnotherapy can help you access changes in behavioural responses to anger.

If you've been finding it hard to control the affects that anger has been having on your life, don't keep going back to the old patterns, hoping it will just go away, give me a call on 07949 989986 or email

Please refer to my Resources page, where you will find self help guides on Anger.

Also, you will find some Anger Diaries on my CBT Worksheets page with an explanation on how to use them. These can help observe patterns of thoughts, behaviours and triggers, as well as coping strategies for the future.

Go to my Hypnosis Downloads page for an abundance of Anger related downloads that you can purchase to help you, help yourself.

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