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Hypnosis for Tests and Exams

You may experience many stresses and pressures from upcoming tests and exams including:

  • Concerns that you haven't studied enough
  • Desperately attached to passing
  • Questiong whether you are good enough
  • Financial Implications of not passing
  • Perhaps a job depends on passing
  • A fear of failure

Hypnosis can help with exams in a number of ways.

Hypnotherapy can help you to gain the confidence you need, believe in yourself, aid the way in which you study and increase your ability to remember the information you need to succeed.

With a Hypnotherapist you can begin to explore and allay fears and nerves by hypnotically rehearsing how you will be within the test itself.

This is improtant for more than just the obvious reasons.

Everyone knows that you can perform better when you are in a relaxed state, even boxers and athletes need to have a relaxed state of mind.

But the reason that this is doubly important to you is because you store information which you have learned within the mental and emotional state that you learned it in.

Therefore if you are in a relaxed receptive state when you learned something within the classroom, you would be able to access the information far quicker and easier if you become in a relaxed and receptive state in the exam.

If you are peacefully at home doing revision, you can remember what you were studying if you sit back and peacefully answer the question in the test.

Studies show that memory is greatly enhanced, when you are able to find that peace and tranquillity within. You will have far greater access to the unconscious mind.

You know for yourself there are times when you might forget a certain actor’s name in a conversation, but later when you are relaxed the information just pop’s straight into your head.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to have the ability to find the information you need just popping into your head just when you need it?

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