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If you’ve found yourself Gambling more than you’d like you’ve probably experienced some of the many consequences. These commonly include debt, relationship difficulties and that compulsion to chase money previously lost.

‘Intermittent rewards’ make any behaviour harder to stop. You may win just enough to keep you betting. Yet, like most addictions gambling promises something it rarely delivers, and with this one the odds are always stacked against the gambler.

While the next big win might seem around the corner, over a lifetime of gambling the house should win on balance.

Gambling can be very ‘trance’ like in its presentation. The allure of the lights, the heady nerves and excitement. You may find yourself having made the decision to lay a bet on ‘autopilot’, before you’ve really had time to stop and think whether this is something you really want to be doing or not.

Seeking treatment is in a way a gamble. You never know whether it’s actually going to work or not as life is uncertain. However, you can be sure that with support your odds of making it are only going to be improved.

I support people to break free from that ‘trance’ like compulsion by slowing down and getting back into the body. It is helpful to explore the ‘movies’ we play over about a situation and to start to think how we’d like to act and respond to often difficult emotions.

Hypnosis probably isn’t going to stop you just like that, and it will take work on your part, but it can be a very powerful tool to help the process happen more easily.

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Signs that it might be time to stop Gambling
  • Feeling Ashamed about use
  • Feel a sense of Need for Substance
  • Unsuccessfully trying to stop or reduce
  • Thinking and Feeling that one cannot do without Substance
  • Getting feedback from others about stopping or reducing
  • Choosing the Substance over family and loved ones
  • Others showing levels of concern about use
  • Substance becomes higher on the list of value and importance
  • Being Secretive about use
  • Increased Tolerance
  • Withdrawal Signs
  • Fear of Withdrawal
  • Lying to oneself and/or others

Synonyms for Gambling
  • Betting
  • Gaming
  • Bookmaking
  • Having a bet
  • Making a bet
  • Laying a bet
  • Wagering
  • Backing

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My Resources page has a variety of diaries to help you gain awareness of your triggers, enables you to see patterns in use and give you a greater sense of conscious awareness about it so that you are able to distinguish your choice in the matter.

You will find an abundance of Additions related Hypnosis Downloads if you wish to purchase one that suits your needs.

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