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Finding Love

Have you been looking for love but finding that you’re getting in your own way?

Perhaps you have a set of beliefs that has been holding you back. Maybe a feeling that you’re not worthy of love or the right person just doesn’t seem to be out there.

If you have been looking for that special relationship but you are finding yourself alone and lonely... then you are not alone.

With gender equality being more significant now than ever before there is less pressure to settle down, have children and get married at a younger age with more of a focus upon education, career and personal endeavors.

While equality is always a great thing the consequences of the current social climate means that the average age to marry for men is 31 and for women is now 29, which by contrast to the 1950’s is age 25 for men and 23 for women?

Commonly people find that they have moved beyond the clubbing and pubbing phase of their life and meeting people socially can therefore become difficult as this seems to be the norm within our culture.

So many people come to see me with this theme running their life, which is why I say if you are feeling alone... then you are not alone. All you have to do is look through the back of the local papers to find the columns of people searching for love. There are hundreds.

With so many people in a similar situation it seems incredibly likely that there is one out there for you. In fact, there are probably lots of people out there searching for someone just like you.

So whether you seem to be repeating certain patterns, you would like confidence to get out there, finding trust again or any other issue around finding a relationship, then feel free to give me a call and book in a consultation on 07949 989986.

Relationship Issues

Maybe you have lost the spark in your relationship and you are looking to reinvigorate that special something that you once had or there is a certain pattern that you seem to be repeating in the relationship that you’d like to change.

Perhaps, you are not sure whether this relationship is the right one for you and you would like clarity.

Whatever the concern is around your relationship you are welcome to call me on 07949 989986 and book in a free consultation to see how I can help to overcome the issue.

Some common experiences of relationship difficulties include:

  • Poor Communication
  • Heavy Workloads
  • Not enough time spent together
  • Lack of interest taken
  • Romance has been lost
  • Ability to control emotions
  • Jealousy
  • Children and parental responsibilities
  • Finding an Assertive balance
  • Commitment issues
  • Time
  • Money

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Overcoming Abusive Behaviour

In, or having suffered an Abusive Relationship

I want to stop the cycle of Abuse towards a loved one

In, or having suffered an Abusive Relationship

If you have been in an abusive relationship it’s likely that you’re confidence has been affected. Perhaps you lived in constant fear of trying to please your partner and the consequences of not doing so.

Often times the relationship starts well, but gradually deteriorates over time so that the conditioning needed to maintain a violent relationship creates a kind of dependency to the partner committing the offence.

The issue can stem from a need for control and if you have been in an abusive relationship you may recognise some of these elements

  • Partner inhibiting socialisation with friends and family
  • Partner controls money
  • Being constantly put down
  • Time is limited to go out of the house
  • Physical Abuse
  • Periods where the partner is kind and caring
  • Feeling a need to be secretive about the abuse
  • A lack of trust in others and a strong feeling of being let down
  •  Lowered sense of self worth and belief

You may currently be in a destructive relationship, and could benefit from a package of support to find the safety and security that you deserve, or you may have become free of an abusive relationship and would like to overcome the resultant affects so that you can move on with your life.

Either way, please feel free to give me a call for a consultation on 07949 989986.

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I want to change the cycle of Abuse towards a loved one

If you have been physically or emotionally violent towards someone with whom you are in a relationship then it’s likely that you may benefit from being able to express your anger in ways that help you get what you want, while also being able to support your partner.

Perhaps you’ve felt in the past that your partner’s behaviour pushes you towards violence and aggression, or that it just seems a natural thing to do in relationships because of the way in which you may have been brought up.

Sometimes this behaviour can result from jealousy or a feeling of being out of control.

Either way, it’s now an accepted part of society that we treat our partner with respect, and that aggression is likely to cause a damaging end to the relationship rather than helping sustain it. Added to this is the risk of a string of other unfulfilled relationships until the behaviour is resolved.

While I do not condone violent and aggressive behaviour towards others, I offer a safe space to be able to create behaviour changes, which can help you to find enhanced ways of dealing with situations.

Feel free to call me for a free consultation on 07949 989986.

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