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There are many kinds of habits that you might want to change. These might include skin picking, biting,scratching, the urge to pull out hair, nail biting or sucking thumb.

Of course there are so many different kinds of habits that I couldn't possibly mention them all. Some may seem somewhat bizarre or odd and you may make judgements about yourself doing it, or fear that others will judge you causing embarrassment.

I've worked with all sorts of things from uncommon habits such as stress and nervous ticks when others make chewing sounds, to more common ones such as nail biting.

Sometimes a habit is simply a repetition of doing something, with certain feelings attached that is triggered by various situations, events or people. Other times there may be seen to be something going on underneath, which once resolved, allows you to break free of the habit.

Perhaps you try to hide the habit, or find that you can't, and this is one of the reasons you would like to change it.

Habits tend to have a trance like quality in that they are often repeated outside conscious awareness. Hypnosis is good for changing these behaviours because it uses trance to combat a trance. You create changes on the unconsonscious to change an often unconscious behaviour... it just makes sense.

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